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I really like taking pictures of food. UT 2020 🤘

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It’s the beignet glow ✨✨

Just a girl appreciating the symbol of her country ❤️💙 Real talk: hearing the judge say the 20 origin countries of all 63 people in attendance... pretty emotional. I was reminded of how privileged I now am, as a US citizen, to have rights like political participation, freedom of speech, and an expectation of transparency from the government. Sounds like some low ass expectations, but that’s only because everyone, including me, learns to take these things for granted over time. So, my soapbox comment: please think twice before saying things like “I don’t believe in the government anymore” in a serious way. I love #controversy and jokes, but let’s, me and you, NOT take these things for granted. It’s not about plenty of people being ready to take your place (which there are) - it’s about the lack of understanding that change can occur through the gov’t. If you give up on a democracy that relies on the participation of the masses for change and renewal, you are letting down me, your friends, your family, and ultimately yourself, because your silence in a democracy is a vote for something other than democracy. If your vote is for something other than democracy, well... I’d look to history for how that worked out :/

Expressions of love: aggressive hugs and matching denim jackets 💙💙

Peering into the future and realizing that I would lose my ID and credit card in a couple of hours (ft almost bday twin @pranay_t and lots of great friends!!)

Two weeks into school and I already want to be back in this city... mostly for the cake 🤭🤭

my dad tolerates me being extra part 2 ft. hair inspired by Girlfriend-era avril

Shout out to my dad (the ult cameraman) for accepting me as the fake-candid, coffee hoe that I am 👏👏👏

Spending time in China with people who are actually my own age ✅

How I Feel followed by some of the People that Make Me Feel This Way❣️ (also try to forgive the horrible insta filters it’s been months ok)

Swipe to see how Le Politique's macarons make me feel 😋😋

Can't wait to see her ~blossom~ this year 🌸🌸🌸

I love Houston!!!!!!!

A compilation of two dorky gals celebrating our new active status!! #notTheBachelor

Missing this beautiful meal and two of my favorite women (even if they spent half of the time gossiping about me as I sat across the table) #tminus6weeks #untilfreedom

~Found my better half in Chicago~ (Alt caption: dump ur mans pt. 2)

Just a girl, the city, and her tiny peace sign ✌️ . . #deuces

The only glass ceiling we don't want to break 💪💪💪 (cc: @nandita_daga)

Trying and failing to cure my caffeine addiction by napping and looking at old photos...

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