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PDX-LAX 🌲🌴 Music Video *link below ⬇️


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I would rather wait and have it done right than rush and miss key components 🔑. 📸 @breerios

Having a good time in San Francisco

Learning to appreciate the little things 💥. 📸 @breerios

Everyday I try to live more and more in the moment

So excited for what’s to come next👀. 📸 @breerios

The goal is to never limit yourself💯 Have some cool shots in the works from @breerios 🔥👀

I will literally record anywhere just to get a concept down. I honestly like recording outside for the fresh air 💨

Everyone has that one girl that really tried to play them.... #facts 😂. . Gunna Yao Ming (Remix). Check his page @gunna 👀

The reality of photoshoots 😂🤷🏾‍♂️. 📸 @breerios

Focused more than ever 👁 📸 @breerios

I relocated myself, to get away from drama I’m not trying to get caught up Wasn’t moving careful enough I just thought it wouldn’t happen to me Good people deserve a happy ending but that ain’t guaranteed My city like crabs in a bucket They’ll pull you down you too trusting And it was all love but then it came back to me like they was fronting had to cut those people out ✂️ . . Young M.A Car Confessions (Remix) @youngma #younglithippy #remix #foodforthought #carconfessions #confessions #4barfriday

Use your past as a learning experience. Otherwise you’ll be stuck, putting time and energy into something that you can’t control. . 📸 @breerios

Not conceited just uncomfortable around these people/their values are so different embracing the evil/if you give me time I swear that I’ll explain it all/but their attention span so short I can’t give it all... @trippieredd Missing My Idols (Remix) #younglithippy

The only difference between the people who are successful and people that aren’t is how they react to whatever life throws at them.💪🏾💪🏾 . 📸 @breerios

My album deadline is May 8th! Excited to show y’all the new sound I’ve been creating... . 📸 @breerios

When you make eye 👁 contact with bae😍 on the dance floor 😂😂

I feed off energy 📸 @breerios

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