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part 34 on what y’all sleep on, enjoy yourselves today 😶 and lmk what y’all think; also am I the only one who still can’t stop listening to IGOR 😟I haven’t really listened to anything else other than that, I’ll do a review for it by Friday I promise 😴

gn yall 😧💕 what’s your favorite album out of all of these?

im gonna do an IGOR Review today for my Tyler fans 🤠 honestly I really enjoyed the album, I just wanted a better kanye, asap rocky, and frank feature and I was a lil pissed with how he used their voices but it worked out, it’s def Tyler’s yeezus and it was a pretty enjoyable album, Tyler is living proof of the existence of character development

honestly I can respect the first slide, I can wait on drake and dreamville but I need music from everyone else, as for the 2nd one pick a row to keep 😈 made it extra hard to pick between 2 of them especially , good luck 😮

ik my vlone soldiers went CRAZY asf over that Carti feature 😻 I can’t stop listening to igor, that production slaps, my ears haven’t been this blessed since last year; y’all enjoy your Friday afternoon 🤠 cant believe some of y’all actually stayed up for dj khaleds album 😹😹

Igor < FLOWER BOY STOP SAYING THAT IGORS BETTER it just came out we need time to process it, plus fb was phoenomenal😐it was easily a top album of this decade; what’s ur favorite track off igor? rn mines a boy is a gun The production to Igor is a 10/10

WHOS UP RN WAITING AHHAHAH Rate your initial thoughts out of 10 for IGOR after listening to it once 🤠 finishing the rest tomorrow, production a 10/10 though

I was once one of those who hated testing; took me a few listens to realize it’s a solid album, if y’all don’t like it still, relisten a few times and you’ll catch a different vibe to it

are y’all ready for Tyler’s new album? ngl I really wanna listen to the features and ion think it’ll top flower boy or wolf but I think it’ll be pretty solid, probably gonna stay up to listen to it 😃😃😃

so many of y’all are gonna argue against the thugger one but imma be real, I never got the hype about him, he really ain’t all that and y’all treat him like he’s the god of this generation lmao, eminem is still a top tier rapper of all time but he just needs to stop making music, and btw J cole could drop 4 more platinum albums with no features and still not top kendrick, gn got these quotes from @worstlyrics

these all facts btw 😐 drake will always be hated for no reason and I don’t necessarily enjoy his music but you gotta admit he doesn’t have any bad albums other than scorpion imo, and for the playboi one, I never really got the hype with him, his production is amazing on anything he makes and his adlibs are enjoyable but die lit wasn’t aoty 😹 the 2nd to last slide is Shoot Up- Kanye & bon iver, enjoy yourselves

what’s your favorite beat switch track? I mainly included the ones that I keep in my normal rotation; enjoy your monday y’all ☹️ (for slides 5 & 6 it’s supposed to say “great” beat switches I just couldn’t fit it 😰)

honestly frank oceans music as a whole just brings a different vibe 😪😌the mans music just hits different, and he’s one of those artists with almost no bad songs; I would use some endless and nostalgia ultra songs but the format would be weird bc I screenshot off of Spotify and it wouldn’t look good; enjoy tho and if u haven’t heard any of these songs you definitely should check them out MY lost, pink+White, pink matter and nights videos are unavailable for some ppl due to copyright infringement in certain countries but I had them.

here are some sad ass simp albums 😁 they’re all pretty good tho so I recommend that y’all listen to them, speedin bullet to heaven isn’t for everyone though so u might wanna listen to that last 😐 channel orange is amazing tho definitely listen to it if you haven’t already, enjoy your Sunday 😃😃😃

Logic a plain clown for the bipolar bar but anyways y’all enjoy yourselves have a good one, I’m waiting for some new a$ap music rn, I’m just glad I can go to sleep knowing kendrick and ye are working their asses off to make their albums better so I don’t care when they drop at this point 😞😔 enjoy your Saturday night

here’s part 2 for my beautiful rap songs post, honestly Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Saba only make beautiful music; some beautiful albums in general that you should definitely listen to include MOTM 1 & 2, channel orange/blonde/nostalgia ultra, care for me, Arizona baby and saturation I/II, let me know if I should do a part 3 bc I’m missing so many songs lol (some of y’all may not think LVL is beautiful but I personally love that song)

alright so the thing is Logic is overhated asf bc he’s got some corny ass bars but in all seriousness his last few albums have just been awful, and imo kamikaze wasn’t necessarily terrible it just kinda marked the downfall of Ems music in general, revival wasn’t as bad but he really proved that his flow just doesn’t fit in anymore enjoy your saturday

drake, Cole and Carti stans get more annoying every damn day, like Carti ain’t THAT good and neither is cole, I still heavily fw their music but their fanbases are toxic 😔that doesn’t stop me from listening to them tho and it shouldn’t stop u either just bc an artist gets clowned on the internet or bc the fanbase is wack, enjoy your Friday yall

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