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finally taught nala how to take a selfie. she will be taking over my instagram account now as she has clearly bested me in the art of picture-taking already. you’re all welcome. #catsofinstagram

“it is your birthday.” -dwight k. schrute #notsonastynineteen

the boat might have sunk but my love for these two won’t 🚢 • • had an amazing time seeing titanic: the musical last night! what a talented cast and a stunning performance. i cried three times. it’s fine.

i love that international women’s day always falls on my mom’s birthday because she’s literally the best woman i know and deserves all the good things in the world. happy birthday to the (much calmer, much healthier) lorelai to my (much louder, much more irresponsible) rory! thanks for putting up with my constant singing and general obnoxiousness. no one else could handle it. except maybe grandma. she’s a pretty great woman too. celebrating you both today ❤️ #internationalwomensday

you are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are! -@officialsierraboggess {#motivationmonday} 🌸✨

when i think of valentine’s day, i can’t help but think of this deeply meaningful quote by the great scholar joseph tribbiani: “it is a love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. and the love that they give and have is shared and received. and through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have and receive.” happy single awareness day from me and my one true love, the giant unicorn i got at walmart on black friday ♥️

practically purrrfect in every way 🐾

last night was a dream ✨ i’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to see my broadway (and literally everything in general) idol perform onstage and meet her after??? i don’t think i managed to form one logical sentence but sierra was so kind and let me babble about how much i love her and i couldn’t adore her more. when i asked her what her biggest advice for an aspiring actress was, she said to be true to yourself so that’s absolutely what i’ll do. thank you for the most amazing night of my life and congratulations to the entire cast of ever after- every. single. one of you. are absolutely, perfectly magical 🖤 #everaftermusical

i typically try to keep it short and sweet on instagram as opposed to long and sentimental but i think i’ll make an exception tonight. for those who don’t know, i found out in late march that my dad had stage three cancer in his small intestine. about a month ago, he found out that the cancer has progressed to stage four. i was supposed to see him for christmas but he got a fever and is currently in the hospital, unable to travel to south carolina where we were going to stay with the rest of our family. i would really appreciate any and all prayers for him. i know that God can work a miracle, even a miracle as miraculous as healing cancer and i really, really hope that it’s His will to give us one. 💛

i got sunshine on a cloudy day ⛅️

i love this lipstick almost as much as i love merrielle. if it hadn’t smeared all over my face, the lipstick may have won out. whatever, i’m glad i got to see this chica for a couple days before she deserts me again!!!! 🖤

happy mac & cheese appreciation day!!! 🦃❤️

happy one year (and some days) to me & my bestie boo!! 💘💘

i voted early last thursday night (hence the blurry, dark pictures 🙃) and i encourage you to get out today and do the same! you have a right to make your voice heard so don’t take it for granted!! and hey, if the polling place finds out you’re a first time voter like me, they might cheer for you before you leave 🧡🧡

velma and snow, the dynamic duo you didn’t know you needed 🧡🍎

capture it, remember it ✨ // thanks for capturing these moments and making me look slightly more presentable than usual!! you a real one 👊🏼🖤 @purejoydaughter

first ever baseball game was {astro}nomically fun... even though we lost. do BETTER next time, ya world series champs 🙄 regardless, time spent with family is always time well spent!! 🧡💙

miss you already :(

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