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My life ain’t this colourful, believe me... 👁

“Maybe that’s the reason n*ggas change like seasons, I just wish my girl would wanna see my vision not DM’s” Puto Da Estrada Velha...

#MS Freestyle” out on my soundcloud link in my bio. First studio experience, done some time ago, mixed and mastered by @valdoprod . Stay tuned there’s more and better on the way. If you feel it, get sharing. #MS

If you’re reading this, I hope you win in life ! I’m just trying to find Heaven in Hell(🌍) .

They get mandem on smash, so fast like the flash 💨 Too many grown men crying because “ The One” was actually trash ...

Wilzz annoying with the fits. “Don’t ask me what I got on”.

Living in a world where being “me” is “illegal” Had to isolate myself and be away from all these people... The frequencies were distorted .

Olha me nos olhos quando falas comigo, não olhes para o que tenho vestido... bye Anti Social Behaviour...

Are we haters or lovers? Is there still love or plainly lust under our covers? Are we strangers or lovers? Sleeping in the bed and but longer  feeling eachother...

Não te descontentes tentando contentar a quem vive do ego. Não perco tempo a falar para "surdos" E muito menos me mostrando para "cegos"... If they knew what I know they would hate less and love me more... *I need an IPhone part 2

Time: 3 a.m Location: Unknown Advice: Don't feel pressured

Focus on me @humbertoflank @denilson_kerompe Jokes aside, @hm should just give me a contract, I've promoting them, since like forever.... 📸: @noahth_

Everything you do for attention is the reason you don't have mine. Confy. *I need an IPhone

Funny how these men chase money to impress "birds" But they are the ones who end up in cages...

"I stimulate my mind every time I think about the end of time Creation of man, and Columbine"

Do you still flex when the lights are off and everyone is gone? V A N I T Y S L A V E S

Trynna build a team of winners, not of sidekicks waiting on my profits. TODAS..... ESTÃO A ANDAR JUNTAS!

What you eat don't make me sh*t and who you f*ck don't make me cum Shout out to all my dope people out there in the world -MS

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