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Great end to a week after speaking with @megnisenson, family psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist. This was the last talk in a series of talks teaching teens how to cope with stress and anxiety naturally, organized by IN:TotalWellness and MADAY. A mission for IN: is to help teach coping skills, like positive thinking, tapping, and how to use adaptogens, which can help a person for a lifetime. 🙌🏼✌️ Self hypnosis by @tesafocus and meditation and yoga taught by @jarosa_studio were also offered to the teens.* * * * #chineseherbs #acupuncture #holistichealth #alternativehealth #adaptogens #traditionalchinesemedicine #anxietyrelief #acupunctureclinic #anxietydisorder #selfcare #anxietysupport #anxietywarrior #inspirationalquotes #herblife #adaptogens #kidsanxietygroup #intotalwellness

Hey local CT peeps, Weston library asked MADAY (Mother’s Aware of Depression and Anxiety in Youth) to hold some talks for teens On how to cope with stress and anxiety naturally. Please pass this along to anyone you know who has a teen that is dealing with stress! Tonight is the first of the 4 talks starting with Edel from @jarosa_studio! She’ll be teaching kids how to create a sacred space and some useful meditations. Others speakers include a hypnotherapist and a cognitive behavioral therapist. Thanks!!! * #holistichealth #alternativehealth #traditionalchinesemedicine #anxietydisorder #selfcare #anxietysupport #anxietywarrior

Trained tonight with 🏋🏽‍♂️ Ron “The Boss” Everline @justtrain at a special event and it KICKED MY BUTT into shape!!! ❤️ his intensity and he was just the right mixture of strong AND sweet!!! 🥰 I was sweating balls!!! 😅. Will definitely be taking an 🍹🌿#IN:MOTION when I get home! * Also got to hear #KevinHart @kevinheartforreal speak about his work ethic, how his career is his hobby and how he is trying to help teach financial security, something that he wasn’t taught as a kid. He’s truly an inspiration!!! * #iminmotion #magicpotion #motivationalquotes #herbalmedicine #alternativemedicine #plantbaseddiet #acupuncture #plantbasedpower #traditionalchinesemedicine #acupunctureclinic #herbaltherapy #hiitworkout #hiitcardio #naturalmedicine #fitnessguru

Happy New Year!!! 🥳💝💃 It was harder for me to stay up past 12 but a breeze for this crazy crew!!! Wishing everyone peace, joy and wellness in 2019!!!

Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁 💚Hope everyone has a joyful day!!!

This sweet soul turns 11 tomorrow!!! Tonight she was painting these gifts for her teachers. Her kindness shines through even when she’s bullied. I once got so upset about something someone said to her and she said, “I don’t want to respond meanly because that would make me a bully and I don’t want to be a bully.” Thank goodness for love and kindness in the world!!! Happy birthday sweet Isla!!! You are the world to me!!!

One way to walk a 🐕!!!

Thank you @healthmagazine for asking me as founder of IN:TOTALWELLNESS to contribute on your amazing article “Adaptogens Explained”! The November issue is beautiful and the spread on adaptogens has so much powerful information! * Many people have never heard about adaptogens, which are plant-based medicines that help our bodies cope with stress and reduce the negative effects that stress can have on our bodies. * Each IN: drink 🍹 is loaded with 🌿 adaptogens so whether you’re drinking IN:PEACE, IN:MOTION, or IN:DREAM, you’re benefitting from these ancient remedies. * #plantbasedremedies #holisticlife #adrenalfatiguebusters #chinesemedicine #tealovers #healthy #acupuncture #intotalwellness

🍹🌿Come by #clovernewyork for free samples of IN:TotalWellness #nyc #westvillage peeps! 😊We are thrilled to now be selling in this beautiful store with their amazing staff!! I’ll be there doing live demos after lunch!!! * Check out their great write up in Goop. Everything about Cafe Clover and Clover Grocery is so right from design to superfoods to the lovely staff. 🙏👏🏻 * Jim and I moved from the West Village 14 years ago to raise kids in Connecticut but damn I miss this side of the city. 😥 So happy to be back with my new products that were born from my burn accident that happened around the corner from Cafe Clover. So grateful for life today. I feel a complete circle of life, having turned a horrible experience into something that not only helps me through life, but helps others. ❤️ is full. * #iminpeace #herbalremedies #tealover #antiinflammatoryfoods #holistichealth #selfcare #healthandwellness #acupuncture #tcm #chinesemedicine #chinesemedicinethatworks

👻🎃☠️ #HappyHalloween!!!

📢 Local CT parents, in honor of today, World Mental Health Day, please join us for a MADAY talk at the Fairfield Public Library tonight. We will be sharing helpful information on how you can help your kids (and yourself) cope with stress, anxiety and depression with non-pharmaceutical coping skills. We will be covering: - 💬cognitive behavioral therapy ☮️meditation 🍽nutrition 🀄️tapping and acupressure 🌿herbal remedies - ✍🏻Register at or ☎️203.256.3161 🛍We will have gift bags for everyone! - #wellkids #anxiety #teenanxiety #parentingtips #depressionhurts #naturalremedieswork #fairfield

🙏Thank you #seventeenmagazine for featuring #INPEACE in your Fav Picks in the October/November issue!!! I’ve been reading Seventeen mag since I was a kid. Anybody remember getting their first subscription? 🌿if you haven’t tried IN:Peace 💚 you should! Or if you have teens with anxiety, this is a great product to reduce their stress and help them focus. 🙌🏻It works within 30 minutes and has a delish wild berry flavor. 16 calories, no added sugar. Shop on our website or Amazon Prime! Use PROMOCODE:17 to save 15% off your order! #peacemaker #peaceofmind #iminpeace #anxietyhelp #anxietyawareness #antianxiety #herbalremedy #herbalremedies #stressless #anxietyproblems #stressbuster #kidsanxiety #wellkids

Looking for a super fun family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧event to help raise $ for cancer research?! #raveisridewalk donates 💯 % of their funds to Damon Runyon Cancer Research 🔎📖a cutting edge program that supports young scientists 👩‍🔬👨🏼‍🔬researching #acure to cancer. - 🌿IN:TotalWellness is excited to support these #healthwarriors next Sunday, 9/30 providing our #inmotionmagicpotion to help ⛑ with soreness and inflammation after the ride and walk! ✏️Register at www.raveisridewalk to join a team, donate or start your own team!! Come and see #thewailers💃🕺🏻, get a massage👋, let the kids jump on the bouncy houses, eat some fresh food generously provided and enjoy a great day by the water, all for an amazing cause!!! - #100percentdonated #williamraveis #cancercure #intotalwellness

After a crazy 2 days in LA working the Emmy’s swag bag events, @cfoltz1 and @intotalwellness took the day to #playwithfriends at @kaaboodelmar. Imagine dragons, Pharrell, Billy Idol, comedians and more. Also got to meet some amazing new friends!!! Fast fun weekend!!!

Another year has gone by as we memorialize this horrible day. Was finally able to go see the freedom tower this summer with the family and talk to the kids about what happened that unimaginable day. For the first time, I felt strong enough to visit, after having lived next door to the towers for months after 9/11. It is such a beautiful memorial to all those that lost their lives. #neverforget911

Love seeing the #statueofliberty today!!!🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷#familyday

Chillin w my #boyfriend. We’ve done a lot of kid friendly things this summer...roller coasters, go karting, boogie boarding, but just sitting at a fav place, eating an epicurean meal, and enjoying the ambience is also important to me to help keep me happy and calm. #lastdaysofsummer #familyvacay #iminpeace

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