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I stopped feeling sorry for myself a long time ago. Today I had coffee with one of my favorite gals and we talked about relationships, marriage and having a boyfriend. She said do you ever feel like you are missing out? Truthfully, yes. I think we all do. But I stopped feeling sorry for myself because this time as a single person is a season in my life I won’t ever get back. It’s a time for me to become the woman someone is praying for. It’s a time for me to pray for my future husband and to fully chase after God. I’ve always said I haven’t met anyone who could keep up, because one day someone will. Today I encourage you to stop feeling sorry for yourself. One day the right guy will come along and make it all worth it. Until then, chase after God so hard the right guy has to keep up! ✨💗

Missing my favorite dude right now💗 @_sjs_20 hurry up and come see me :) #sisterlylove

Much needed girls night 💗

Felt cute, might be your Student Body President next year!! • • • • I am excited to serve @tarletonstate as the Student Body President for 2019-2020. Brendan and I are both honored and excited to help this university continue to succeed. Thank you to all who helped and supported us! The journey has just begun 💜

Walking into election week like.... • • It’s time to VOTE! Texans be sure to go vote Monday-Wednesday on TexanSync! 💜 vote Tyler Schuster and Brendan Gore for Student Body President and Vice President! #growingtradition2019 • • 📸 @eastonjayy

The only thing that could make this picture more Texan would be some bluebonnets....... • • • • Thanks mom for the cute cookies!

I’ve been gone 13 out of the last 21 days...I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to wear slacks was.I’m the true definition of living on dry shampoo and caffeine. I have had one major melt down. Yes, I’m crazy. The truth is I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This busy life is a life I love and I know God is using me in this time to build his kingdom and become the woman he plans for me to become. So remember when the tears roll and we can’t seem to do it one more day, hold on and find your grace in the crazy storm.. • • • It’s not easy but if it was everyone would be doing it.. • • • Thank you to all my supporters for holding me up this week and cheering me on 💗Sparkle Bright 💗✨

Thank you NCBA for showing us the beautiful rooftop view! ❤️ #ANCW #CBAP #NCBA • • • Also I don’t know the last time I haven’t worn slacks and a blazer is 🤷🏼‍♀️ #yikes

What a fun day we had on Capitol Hill lobbying for the beef industry. ❤️

Texas, Florida, and California girls ready to take on Capitol Hill!

Not the outcome I wanted but still so glad I got to compete with this gals and all the other competitors. #texasfarmbureau #txfbyfr

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for Student Body President. I could not be more excited for such an adventure and am thankful to have a running mate who feels the same way! Brendan Gore and I look forward to your vote April 8-10th on Texansyc. We also hope to see you at our Q/A Wednesday in Nursing 107 at 5:15 Thanks and Go Texans💜 #growingtradition2019

Have you ever really prayed and worried about something? If you said no, well you are probably lying to yourself. There have been so many things this year, so many. I’ve prayed, worried, lost sleep, and even shed a few tears over. But each and every time God answers, and each time Matthew 6:34 pops in my head. He tells us to not worry about tomorrow. 💗 I’ve learned to have faith and know that if one door doesn’t open another will. That is my prayer for you this week. You let go and let God 💗

Bet my week was cooler than yours 😝 #thehardhatlookisntforme

Sierra tried to kill me on this snowshoeing hike.... but the view was worth it ❤️

To my go-getter gals, It’s hard. Trying to live up to the expectations you’ve set for yourself and the only the world has set for you. You are up before dawn because your day doesn’t seem to have enough hours, you take every chance you have to further your career and life, and you feel like you are constantly on the go. You know what you bring to the table and don’t mind eating alone. Keep going, you’ve got this. Sparkle Bright ✨ Tyler

A girl with a passion and a dream, becoming a reality ❤️ • • • • Thank you NCBA for a day full of learning and beef knowledge #beefitswhatsfordinner#ncba#ancw

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