HIPPIEF'ASS | 🐼🌹 (@theofficialjayfass)

ለէረለռէለ Booking & Features: ebonikvibezmgmt@gmail.com Mgmt: (404)-236-9315 Serious Inquiries Only • NEW SINGLE “FRESHOUTTA...” OUT NOW❗️❗️❗️

Website: https://youtu.be/9ZvXdlAcZtA

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Full Song OUT NOW!! https://soundcloud.com/jayfass/freshoutta

FRESHOUTTA..." by @theofficialjayfass Directed by @kujo_fotos OUT NOW !!! LINK IN BIO

if the 💰 stacked itself, we wouldn't break no bones💢| 4.24.19 👹💨 Full Triller Dropping TMR @ 3 #freshouttapatience 🎥💎: @kujo_fotos

ik y'all BEEN waitin on dis one 👹💨 Like + Comment so others can see | 4.24.19 🎥💎: @kujo_fotos

New Single. Jay F'ass x "FRESHOUTTA..." 4.24.19 pc: @kujo_fotos

ig e'rything all good when you put it like that 😆💌

So many lies spread about me, no point in respondin' 😴 I realized that some stars live way above the comets 🌠

I been meditating on top of the mountain 🙏🗻

NegRo spiRituaL🙏😂 pc: @kujo_fotos

put chu iN a Rock in a haRd pLace😨 a daRk pLace cLose to heLL🌋 pc: @kujo_fotos

@pLies speakiN FACTS FACTS. Positive, Happy people onLy iN my Life

Fck yo hood, Niggah😴 we goN Ride aRouNd N ask "wats gud, Niggah?"🚗 Like "u gud, Niggah?"❔

souNd da aLarm 4R deez Lame Niggaz 🚨🚨🚨 you got 5 - 3 - 1, no moRe time🚀😬

Ironic, you been sleepin😪 on the One that you been dreamin💭 bout pc: @kujo_fotos

My Single "sWay" been out a little ova month and already hit 200 plays▶🙏 "LESGETIT(Esketit Remix)" is at 180 plays▶🔥 Listen To BOTH Right Now!!! Les get dem numbers UPP! (Lincoln Bio🔝🔝🔝) cover arts: @kujo_fotos


Shawty yea she say my hurr like a Krownn👑n i told her "Can'Tu tell?¿" pc: @kujo_fotos

Dey say dat MonaLisa🎭 was a Thug🐍💯 u believe dat? pc: @kujo_fotos

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