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My mom said send me picture of your hair, sooo I Threw on some mascara, sat in a dimly lit room and sent this to her and got no response😂😓

I miss sophomore year. When me and nyla would draw in English class and talk about our dreams and sing and write songs. Life is so different now. The innocence and thrill don’t go together anymore.

Yeah I’m really self conscious so ima just post these rn and go before I change my mind🏃‍♀️

I usually don’t show much emotion on this page, but I’m real. It just doesn’t feel like I am lately though. I feel like when I rebelled against my parents I got a thrill. When I used to run away into the night and return when the sun was arising chasing the sunrise to my house, I felt alive. I know it’s wrong to get a rise out of doing bad things, being fearless, rebelling, but that’s what made me into who I am in a sense, now I feel so weird being quiet and actually doing things the “right way”, I feel.... worthless. Like there’s no point in living if you’re not going to LIVE, I’m just breathing. It’s boring. And in conclusion, I need to find ways to have wholesome fun that gave me the same thrill as rebelling. But idk where tf to find that. LIKE DOES THAT EVEN EXIST ANYMORE?!!!!

spends 30 minutes I’ll never get back posing worthlessly* *spends 15 minutes on a corny font* * starts to post* * sits and dwells on the fact l I’ll never get those 45 minutes back and I could’ve actually done something productive with my life in that time span* *realizes even more that I’m typing a caption with no meaning or value and I’m further wasting more time* *gives up and feels very corny and pathetic and posts picture finally* *adds one last thought in hopes of redeeming self* *wow*


I got bored 😐

Boom Hoe

From First day of school😂 😐


jesus christ this is beautiful :): 😍

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