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We look forward to welcoming our guests this evening in Paris, despite the incredible sadness and shock the city will be feeling today in light of the recent fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. As the growth of data causes challenges for the SOC, we’re taking a different approach to getting data right. Intimate peer-to-peer discussions to gain clear practical insights into the current trends and queries surrounding the future of Network Data. Thank you to @ExtraHop, for providing their expertise to guide the conversation. Interested in learning more about our different approach to networking? Simply click here. #techleaders #data #SOC #securityleaders #threathunting #events #rela8events #Notredame

Our partners @Extrahop will be hosting our next round table dinner exploring how taking a different approach to data – one that emphasises speed, fidelity, and the elimination of data silos – can enable more successful threat hunting and incident response. Join us by visiting the TLC site (link in bio). #techleaders #data #SoC #itsecurity #securityleaders #threathunting

How do you identify and mitigate business risk? That's the question we will be debating during this evenings #Technologyleadersclub dinner at the stunning Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge. We are looking forward to welcoming all our guest and a huge thank you to the team at Secureworks for providing some subject matter expertise this evening. #networking #CISO #ITSecurity #Thoughtleadership

What is the future of AI in cybersecurity? AI and machine-learning are already pushing the boundaries in a number of sectors such as aerospace and the military, where AI is being used to support the individual in decision-making and accruing and presenting knowledge fast. So how can we draw upon these use cases to bring AI intelligently into the security sector? Visit the TLC site to read more (link in bio) #AIrevolution #Machinelearning #cybersecurity #technology #techleaders #itsecurity #AI

Being under Chatham House rules means that our #TLC events are a great space to share your stories, challenges and struggles, and draw on peer to peer advice and support. Join in the conversation by visiting the TLC site to view and register for our upcoming topics (link in bio). #therapy #techleaders #roundtable #technology #ITsecurity #Securityleaders

If the security incidents of the past 12 months have taught organisations anything, it's this: it's not a matter of if, but when an incident will occur. So, how do you help identify & mitigate business risk? Join our partners #Secureworks as they facilitate an interactive discussion to explore what risks organisations should be preparing for, what approaches can be adopted and how to express security priorities to the board. Visit www.technologyleadersclub/event to register now. #riskmanagement #securityrisk ##IoT #AI #riskmanagement #ITsecurity #securityleaders #techleaders

For businesses data is the new currency, but as the role of data moves to a more centralised function within the business how do we bring business leaders up to scratch on their data ABC's? New white paper is available now, read more at the TLC site (link in bio) #dataliteracy #datamanagement #datamodeling #technologyleaders #dataanalyst

While there are many ways that technology could be seen to have unleashed our humanity - giving us access to a global community at our fingertips - the balance between digital and relational is askew! The Technology Leaders Club was created as a way to reclaim that balance, putting relationships at the forefront of education, innovation and community. Taking inspiration from the French Salons of the 18th Century we are on a mission to connect global technology leaders via our exclusive dinners, before harnessing the power of digital to nurture relationships, build communities and share knowledge. Find out a little more about us and register to attend an upcoming event by visiting the TLC site (link in bio). #techleaders #relationshipsmatter #communitybuilding #knowledgesharing #knowledgeispower #technologyinnovation #technologynews

Identity is quickly becoming a board-level issue as organizations continue their digital transformation journey, open their organizational borders and move to the cloud. As a result, the need to provide simple, secure user access, control and IT efficiency across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments is now more important than ever. #Sailpoint will be hosting our next TLC dinner exploring the complexities of managing identities that touch unstructured data, and how to manage this on a global scale. #identitygovernance #identityprotection #cloudsecurity #cybersecurity #informationsecurity #techleaders

Back at Outlaw's at The Capital tonight for an extra special TLC dinner featuring James Linton (email prankster who fooled the likes of Eric Trump, Amber Rudd and Harvey Weinstein to name a few!). Now Lead Researcher for tonight's hosts #Agari, James shared his unique experiences along with a behind-the-curtains look into his latest work with Agari, uncovering the London Blue Cybercriminal gang who used #BEC and #spearphishing scams to target 50,000 Finance Executives. Don't miss out on our future events, register now at the TLC site. #cybercrime #cybergang #emailscam #infosec #securitythreat #securityintelligence

When 50% of security breaches are the result of organised crime, what can we learn from analysing the behaviour of criminal organisations to better secure our environments and gain the advantage? Read more by visiting the TLC site (link in bio) #Techleaders #Cybercrime #cybergangs #threathunting #threatintelligence #threatlandscape #CISO #itsecurity

Join Nicola Klein, Chief Data Officer at Directline Insurance as she discusses how data is becoming increasingly vital to the Board to inform business decisions. Visit the TLC site to see the full Leadership Interview Series. #leadership #interview #data #datanalytics #techleaders #CDO

Cyber-criminal gang used #BEC and #spearphishing scams to target 50,000 Finance Executives. Join our partners @Agari to gain exclusive behind-the-curtain insights into a particular gang and their corporate-like operations. #cybergang #cybercriminal #emailscam #threatintel #cybersecurity #infosec #techleaders

When you are forced to wade through dizzying amounts of information to make simple everyday decisions, how do you prevent information overload and ensure that you only consume content that adds genuine value? We created the Technology Leaders Club as a way to tune out all the noise and provide a platform for industry leaders to access the latest industry specific news, expert interviews, whitepapers and exclusive roundtable dinners. Our app is currently in development - until then you can register at the TLC site to access our content and attend upcoming events. #techleaders #cybersecurity #dataanalytics #infomationsecurity #threatintel #blockchain #insiderthreat #securitybreach

We are all set to welcome our #securityleaders for tonight’s roundtable “Seeing the Attacker’s View: A People-Centric Approach to Security” hosted by our educational partners @Proofpoint. #Outlawsathecapital #peoplecentricsecurity #insiderthreat #networkbeach #cybersecurity #techleaders #technologyleadersclub

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “The CISO’s Guide to What the Board Wants’? Trying to cut through the tech chat and give the Board the information they actually care about is a challenge! So, what does the Board want to hear and how can you communicate that effectively? Access the whitepaper by visiting the TLC site (link in bio) #CISO #communication #techleaders #whitepapers #cybersecurity

Visit the Technology Leaders Club to access whitepapers, interviews, and join in the conversation at one of our exclusive TLC events. #securityawareness #cybersecurity #infosec #threatintelligence #riskmanagment #whitepapers #technews #technologyleadersclub

You’ve done the hard work of identifying and protecting your company’s ‘crown jewels’, and implementing security controls to prevent external threat actors from breaching your network. But as we’ve seen time and again, the most damaging security incidents are those that involve your people! Join our educational partners @proofpoint as they host a roundtable on how you can: identify your most riskiest users, design better strategies to stop these attacks and, adopt a people-centric approach. Register to attend our events at the TLC website. #peoplecentricsecurity #cyberstrategy #cybersecurity #infosec #riskmanagement #insiderthreat

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