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You said she’s scared of me? I mean, I don’t see what she sees but maybe it’s ‘cause I’m wearing your cologne. 💀🖤

There’s nothing you could do or say; I can’t escape the way I love you. I don’t want to, but I love you. 💀🖤

Passionate, but I don’t give no fucks. 💀🖤

You want me to be yours; well, then you gotta be mine. And if you want a good girl, then goodbye. 💀🖤

Hi, my name is Danielle and I have a problem. 💀🖤 @freshcoastvic @thegihftshop

Guess who reached her goal weight today. 💀🖤

I need to see my dreams as I close my eyes. Remembering nothing and begging for light. 💀🖤

You were salvation. I never told you; I always had the notion I would fall in love with you. 🌊🖤

Be who you needed when you were younger. 💀🖤

You know this isn’t real; you should know I’m temporary. 💀🖤

I don’t know what feels true, but this feels right so stay a sec. 💀🖤

I see it, I like it. I want it, I got it. 💀🖤 Thank you, @freshcoastvic

When you find out Fresh Coast sells keto donuts just in time for your staff meeting. 💀🖤 @freshcoastvic

Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch. Who would have thought it’d turn me to a savage? 💀🖤

Cause’ my darlin’ you and I could take over the world; one step at a time, just you and I. 💀🖤

Your lips, my lips; Apocalypse. 💀🖤

I thought that I was dreamin’ when you said you loved me. The start of nothing; I had no chance to prepare, I couldn't see you comin’. 💀🖤

2019 mood 🌊🖤

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