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I live for moments like these ♥️ Her little lips, soft thigh rolls, chubby cheeks, ruffled hair, sweet newborn smell and milk drunk snuffles x

Soz for the baby spam but her outfits are way cuter than my milk stained ones anyway 🍼

One month with you 🖤 Our little poppet, the sweetest thing x

Little miss all cuddled up in her beautiful @bunniesbees merino blankie ♥️


Breastfeeding might be natural but it sure as hell isn’t easy. In fact, it’s been damn hard but I think we’re finally starting to find our rhythm. Lucky she’s insanely cute, making it all worthwhile 🌼

I grew you, I carried you, I feed you, and I will raise you. Happy International Women’s Day, my darling girl. The privilege is all mine 🖤

My babies ♥️

To think it was you in there all along ♥️

She’s here, she’s a she, and she’s perfect ♥️ Our little girl, Albertine May Banbrook - also known as Albie - arrived earthside on Monday February 25 at 4:35pm weighing 3.69 kg/8.1 pounds & 53cm long. @barkmanbrook and I are so unbelievably in love with her x

Date night ready ♥️

Whenever you’re ready, little one ♥️ Nursery tour video now up on my channel, via the link in my bio x #babybambi #okigrams

Learning to sit in my femininity and the vulnerability that comes with it is a beautiful place to be ✨ 📷 @hsburg

Happy first birthday to our sweet, furry little love, our Oki Bear 🖤 You bring total joy and utter craziness to our lives but we love you for it... except when you chew things you aren’t supposed to or bark at the neighbours and then look at us with those almond eyes we can’t say no to. You’re damn lucky you’re so cute, dog. Soaking up every moment of you being our only (fur) baby for not much longer 🐶 #okigrams

Learning to embrace it all 🌿

In a period of waiting, wondering when our little babe will make his or her appearance next month. And in the meantime, feeling all the emotions - eagerness, nerves, hope, uncertainty, wonder, love and unexpectedly, a little sadness. I certainly didn’t foresee being so close to the beginning of our new journey while feeling like one was abruptly ending. It will no longer be ‘the two of us’ and I feel a little sad about that reality. How finite it is. No more just me and him - it’s something I’m going to miss dearly because the love I have for our relationship is all consuming. I’ve felt so guilty these past weeks about feeling this way, grieving our relationship changing as we welcome a new addition. Shouldn’t I be feeling nothing but excitement for what the future holds with our family growing? I am excited, of course I am, but no one told me I’d experience this feeling of treading the waters of change. I can only imagine (and hope) that it’s normal. My intuition tells me it is and that soon ‘the three of us’ will feel just as it should, like it’s always been, and that the love will be nothing short of immense. But while we wait, I’m taking each wave as it comes, being present in the moments with us two, knowing that he will always be beside me, holding my hand as we embark on this beautiful, scary journey of parenthood together and that it’s okay to grieve this chapter of our lives together, looking forward to the next one. #pregnantladyramblings #lovehim

Happy birthday to this handsome man ♥️ I love doing life with you @barkmanbrook. We are so so lucky to have you x

A sacrifice of the mind, body and soul. But the most beautiful sacrifice of my life. 📷 @hsburg

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