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Drove through five states, one province, and two countries for spring break. Weirdly enough they’re all up north. Catching up with old friends makes it worth it though. (Not pictured: me sinking into 18” of snow trying to take a picture with the CS2F Tracker)

It’s windy outside, just ask my scarf 🧣

Boiler Up, Hammer Down 🔨 (We’re real engineers now right?)

I have now flown to 3 out of 50 states (@davidboeing777 went to Miami University Airport’s bathroom so he doesn’t get a picture)

Welcome abroad Natto Airlines Flight 1, nonstop service from Lafayette, Indiana to Champaign, Illinois

This Purduette might’ve busted her arm, but she’s still an absolute trooper at the Christmas show #PurdueChristmasShow

Went to visit this weird sombrero today, kind of dig it. (Also pictures from Bougie Breakfast Club at Bolingbrook)

Boiler Up, Gear Down! @PurdueUFlightTeam is going to Nationals! We place Second in Region VIII SAFECON, and I placed Seventh in Aircraft Recognition (only slightly salty that my co-coach @nnaserati beat my in the tiebreaker by two points) #BoilerUpGearDown #ArrowsForTheWin

Aircraft Rec Partners in Crime #BoilerUpGearDown Mini Fly-In Behind the Scenes: “Ass on Cowling” - @troyota_

Just casual touristy things with a picture that looks super photoshopped

Size doesn’t matter 😂

Gold digger @davidboeing777 might think I’m a MiG-15, but I’m really feeling the EC-135E today #BoopTheSnoot (I actually really feel the #SabreDog, but I look like a potato in that picture :/)

Here’s to only-two-weeks-left-on-my-day-currency and bored-as-fuck-at-work

The second year of college has been long and tiring, but it’s mine and I wouldn’t trade it for another. Feat: flight team shenanigans, stroopwafel, and crazy teachers (which I might’ve accidentally become one) #BoilerUpGearDown #NIFA #SAFECON2018 #PUHMSB

How often do you get to say you can go play board games and get points for it?! @puhonrmentors #PUHMSB

Boilermaker ✔️ Can Swing Dirty Vic’s Landing Gear ✔️ Neil Armstrong ✖️

Drove 1,200 miles to Les Miserables for these 🎶 Lovely Ladies (and Gentlemen) 🎶, and they are ABSOLUTELY amazing. P.S. @caitlin.niltiac has an gorgeous wedding dress and I want it.

🎶 Suddenly there's nothing in between me and the sky 🎶 - Come From Away

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