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Mapuche. Gente de la tierra - people from the earth. The Earth is considered a mature energized being, where every tangible and non-tangible phenomena is an expression of the same substance, that can be perceived by our physical senses, when it is densified. #ansestors #chile#mapuche#indigenous#artwork

Lost and found. Take heart <3 #tbt

Life lessons: Be present in your life! Be thankful! You have eyes to see the colours of the trees. A nose that can smell delicious food. A tongue that can taste. Feet that can take you anywhere. Arms to hold. Clean water to wash. Electricity to turn on a light... that list can go on and on... Sometimes when things aren’t going our way, it’s good to stop and look at all the things that ARE going well. We really can switch our focus on to ANYTHING we truly want at any moment. #joy#thankfulness#moment#present#awareness

Today with some house vibes @davidparishcrooks thank you for the nice class, showing us some basic variation ! More house vibes on saturday. Don't miss the @my_house_is_your_house session ! #house#dance#basic#routine @danceflavour

What’s wrong with you ? Why don’t you listen the Tree like everyone else ? Watch here - You take the paper, you read it, and you do it. It’s not that hard. - But, Mrs. Sullivan, those things bore me… why do I have to learn them ? - These laws have governed us for ages, they’ve stood the test of time. Your parents followed them, just as your grandparents did, this how you succeed, it’s the same for everybody. Except if you want to live in the street or like an animal. You organize them neatly, you learn them carefully, and you practice them rigorously. - But, who’s to say that other trees don’t exist? With other laws? - Other trees ? Other laws ? Do you realize what you are saying? Respect the TREE. Look at the strength of its trunk, much stronger than your head. This tree is the foundation of our society, protecting us from chaos and no one could hack it down. WHO are YOU to call into question our values ? - I’m a seed!

Midnightsession @danceflavour. @katha_ri_ you are improving so much, I love to see you growing!

Thank you for always being down for adventure @katha_ri_ ! This selfie was made in London. Kathi and I only knew each other from dance videos and speaking rarely on the phone and than we decided to make a trip together.

Massage your mind, let your conscious be free! Short shoot at our staircase :)

Still a challenge to dance infront of the camera. I love to cypher, I love to share my dance with other people..but the camera just makes me feel strange and my dance becomes so different.. Its the same with dancing infront of a judge.. I want to learn how to stay in a open state of mind and be conscious about my movements no matter what sitiuation. #freestyle#hiphop#dance#breakin#bgirls

Real smooth real icy ! Nightsession im @danceflavour with the sister @katha_ri_ thank you for always coming all the way to practise with us <3 #dance#night#session#hiphop#oceanwisdom#freestyle#urban

When you actually want to be out of sight but then the music drops and it hits you ^^. Vibing in the streets of valparíso..this city is so full of (he)art! @katha_ri_ your reaction when I stepped in is actually the best part! Thank you for always supporting me <3 #dance#hiphop#freestyle#urban#streetart#chilr#valparaíso#music#support#conection

The coolest band I've got to know in Valparaiso ! Check them out @fanfarrabias buena oé!! #chile#musicachilena#fanfa#rabia#ska#reggae#funk#streetart#valparaiso#band#music#rhythm

Much love and respect for this queen @sampa_the_great <3! 'Birds and the Bee9' I love this Album! #goodmusic#hiphop#rap#healing#rhymes#poetry

Gracias @pinkpoint13 <3 hermana de otro papa ^^ pero son iguales! Thank your for your compassion and your kind heart! I love sharing time with you, you are truly something special to me ! Y Felipe es una muy buena onda! I will come back soon and spend more time with you <3 mmmwwaaahhhh!!!

On our way to an hill of Quilpue at an old pyramid club ruin :) Life has it's ups and it's downs, even at this beautifull trip. Let's keep every moment in memory cause that's what makes life vivid and complex..more than what we post on instagram. @kleine.ayun @amaury.ardouin I love you so much, sometimes I don't know how to express it! You are such wonderful human beings and I'm proud to call you family! @femkedeyp thank you for your positivity and your silliness, keep being a child in your heart, you brightend up my mood when I was feeling down just with your presents! @katha_ri_ we have our ups and downs but I know if worst comes to worst we always got our back ! Thank you for your great humor and your entertainment during our trip, you don't even need a sugar rush to hype up!

Day 14. Of our #dancediary. My beautiful cousin in the spotlight! She is only 15 years old and so good in what she is doing ! #dance#balett#talent#chile

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