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Life is so much more fun when you get to do it with your bestie! 💕 . . The majority of us struggle with motivation & accountability, that’s why i love this group so much! They always show up for me & their motivation motivates me! . . I can’t tell you that you’re never going to struggle because that’s just not the case. But i can tell you that WE ARE HERE when you are struggling! We are here to lift you up, praise you, & hold you accountable! #youcansitwithus #fitfam #fitnessjourney #bestiegoals #bestieforlife

It has been a MINUTE! Been off my schedule for a week now & my life has been wild! From being extremely to sick to welcoming our new nephew (which we are so in love with!) I’m FINALLY back in my routine! . . Feels good to be back! I’m starting my 20 minute program again & want you to join me! It’s only 20 minutes!!!! That’s right & the results are INSANE! I know you have 20 minutes to spare it’s all about priorities! . . Get started TODAY! No more procrastinating. Let’s chat! #fitnessjourney #youcansitwithus #fitfam #virtualgym #happytuesday

Happy Friday!! It has been a rough month but I’m FINALLY starting to get my mojo back! & it feels so good 👏🏼 . . I’m feel like I’m back to my happy wild self & im lovin it! I’m so thankful for all my girls who constantly encourage me & lift me up when I’m down 💕 they truly are my rocks!

REAL TALK. I’ve barely been out of bed the last few days because I’ve been so terribly sick 😭 today I’m feeling better but still not even close to 💯 i had a bit more energy today so i knocked out a very slow workout just to get my body moving. . . It’s sooo important to REST when your body needs it! Even during the light workout i did today my body still struggled so i listened to it & didn’t over do it. . . I also put on mascara today so that’s a win! & didn’t quite get around to brushing my hair but hey baby steps 😂😂 happy Thursday everyone! 👏🏼💕 #fitfam #youcansitwithus #coachlife #fitnessjourney

Less than 5 months until I become your wife 💕😘

Happy Sunday! I feel like the weekend goes by SOO fast, it’s not fair! Butttt who is watching GOT tonight?? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ . . Had a nice date with the fiancé today & RELAXED & yet I’m still exhausted? Whaaat?! 😂 . . Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday 💕 #youcansitwithus #fitfam #coachlife #sundayfunday #gameofthrones

It’s Saturday!! What do you do on Saturday’s?? I start my morning off hoping online with my girls, sharing our wins for the week, sharing stories & just catching up! THEN we get to workout together! . . I absolutely love Saturday’s & catching up with my girls! It truly fuels my soul. . . I’m also enjoying this cool weather! It’s literally perfect outside! What is your idea weather? Do you like cold or hot!? I LOVE the cold haha. . . My virtual gym is OPEN for May!! Snag your spot TODAY!! #sipandsweat #virtualgym #youcansitwithus #fitfam

“I’ll be there for you...when the rain starts to pour” I’m so obsessed with the show friends it’s ridiculous! Haha but it ALWAYS puts me in a happy place. What is your happy place? What instantly changes your mood? . . For me...working out, blasting worship music, team calls, TALKING to God, listening to God, helping others love themselves, being with my fiancé, family time & of course the show friends 🤪 . . I urge you to find your happy place. Make YOURSELF a priority today. Do something for you. Whatever it may be. Treat yourself today. . . You have to love yourself to love others. Sometimes i wear myself thin. & eventually it starts to show. I get moody, i get emotional (that’s a big one), my anxiety is worse. & i HAVE to remind myself to get “me time” it’s so important when it comes to your happiness. . . Today i say choose YOU! Love yourself extra today! Happy Friday! . . #fitfam #choosehappiness #selflove #fitnessmotivation #coachlife #inspiration #friends #youcansitwithus

Oh today has been a rough one...& yet I’m STILL smiling. Why? Because even when life knocks you down...YOU GET BACK UP. that is the ONLY option. Get. Up. . . Today i had a choice. I had a choice to sit around & mope & feel sorry for myself OR to get up & work hard at what I’m passionate about. I decided my misfortune was going to be my driving factor in my future success. THAT WAS MY CHOICE. . . I knew i had a team of people counting on me to show up still. Counting on me to be there for them. So that’s what im doing. I’m HERE. IM READY. I’m motivated • I’m inspired • I’m passionate • I’m ready to help you find whatever your passion may be! . . I want you to be the BEST version of yourself. I truly do. I want you to LOVE yourself. I want you to be confident in WHO YOU ARE. Because let me tell you....YOU are incredible. Stop waiting for tomorrow to come. Live right now. Let’s do it together! #coachlife #selflove #selfcare #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #positivevibes #startnow #choosehappiness

It took me 6 weeks to achieve these results. Not only am i proud of these results but I’m proud of myself for actually sticking to it. 6 days a week. 20 minutes a day. THATS IT. . . I hadn’t consistently worked out in over 4 years. But something about having a team behind me constantly showing up made me push myself more than i could imagine & im forever grateful for them. 💕 . . We all struggle with motivation, i do daily. However seeing my team show up everyday makes me want to show up for them!! . . I want you to be apart of this team! I want you to achieve whatever goal big or small you have for yourself! 💕💪🏼 #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #coachlife

I can’t tell you how many times i used to look in the mirror & point out all the negative things i saw. “Double chin, big thighs, extra fat here & there, i wish i could just get rid of this”...the list goes on & on. Then one day i saw some definition in my tricep & instead of ugh i hate my arms it was “holy crap look that cut!” (Even if it was small) then it was “omg look at my leg muscle!” Even though I’ve always hated how big my legs were. . . Eventually i was pointing out all the great things that were happening to me...& NOW i love my body more than ever...even though i still have goals to hit, my mind has become more positive. . . YOU are your biggest critic but you are ALSO your biggest fan! Praise yourself!! Once you start loving on yourself the sky is the limit on what you can achieve! Believe in yourself! . . I am here to help you! If you are ready to start loving yourself, ready to change your mind set..let’s talk! We will get there together! 💕 . . #fitfam #youcansitwithus #coachlife #loveyourself #praiseyourself #positivevibes

8-7-2000 ~ They Met 10-13-2017 ~ They fell in love 12-8-2018 ~ Will you marry me? 10-5-2019 ~ Eternity to follow Who would have thought I met my soulmate in kindergarten?...we weren’t quite ready for each other in high school but we thought we’d give it a chance 😂 little did we know God had big plans for us in 2017 💕 & I’m so glad he did. I love life with you.

“The gym struggle” I’ve never related more to a tank top 😂 i used to DREAD going to the gym. Now, i look forward to working out every day & it’s all done from home! I’ve seen more results from HOME than I ever did going to the gym. I love myself more than i ever did & because i love myself I’m able to love others more than i ever did. I’m able to help others love themselves. . . . Watching young girls feel like they have to look a certain way or wear a certain size is truly heartbreaking. The truth is we will NEVER look like someone else. We are all different & that’s what makes us who we are. Find joy in being different. Find the fulfillment in being different. We are all fearfully & wonderfully made. EMBRACE IT! . . . There is a team of people who are rooting for you, you just have to let them! #fitfam #youcansitwithus #fitnessjourney #tribe #loveyourself #believeinyourself

I’m so glad God answered my prayers with you 💕 you are my better half & my soulmate. 🥰💕

I dedicated 6 weeks of 20 minutes a day...THATS IT! & my life was changed forever. I care more about what i put into my body, the 20 minutes a day i workout are NON NEGOTIABLE, I’m happier & i’m healthier! . . . I’m starting round 2 tomorrow & would love for you to join me & start your fitness journey! #fitnessjourney #fitfam #loveyourself #youcansitwithus #tribe

Oh the things i wish i could say to this 20yr old version of me. Do i look great? Sure. Was i? No. . . My heart was broken, my world was flipped upside down, anxiety & depression defined me, & bar hoping every night was my scene. I was drowning on the inside & didn’t even know how severe it was. . . Fast forward a couple years, that girl was a college graduate, found the love of her life, packed up & left the city she loved so much & most importantly had the best relationship with Jesus she’d ever had. My life IS great. A couple months ago i decided to start my fitness journey not knowing the impact it was going to have on me. Remember i was the QUEEN of naps 😂& now i feel like I’m the very best version of myself! Now i don’t look in the mirror & critique every little thing. I’ve learned to love MYSELF. I’m not even where i want to be yet but every day i see something new that i didn’t used to have & i praise it! Instead of wallowing in the negatives, i praise my positives! All the low points in my life have lead me to the best of my life. I’m living it right now & you can live your best life too! ❤️ it’s only going to get better! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #loveyourself #fitnessjourney #liveyourbestlife

Had a team call with the girls who motivate, inspire, & push me constantly! The cool thing about this is i got to do it from my BED! I work 730-5 most days at my “normal” day job then i come home & get to work from my bed on something I’m truly passionate about & LOVE. I do this job because i want to help change lives the way someone changed mine (@shelby_marek ). If you’re stuck in a rut...can’t find motivation...if you are constantly telling yourself “something’s gotta change” contact me! I CAN help you. I WANT to help you. & YOU WILL achieve the fitness & nutritional goals you want. Message me! 💕 #coachlife #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #lifegoals #fitgoals #fitnessjourney

Believe it or not but working out can be FUN! It was Throwback Thursday today in my virtual gym so i threw it back to the 80s! Ready to join the fun!? Let’s talk about how you can get started on changing your life & have fun doing it! I sure do love my #fitfam #fitnessjourney #spiritweek #80sfashion #coachlife #motivation #throwbackthursday #transformyourlife

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