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Ever feel so accomplished after an INTENSE workout?? That’s definitely me right now 😂 Join me in feeling accomplished, challenged, & MOTIVATED! Seeing results is one of the most motivating things & im seeing them in less than 4 weeks!!? WHAT!? Only YOU are stopping yourself. Let’s do this together! 💪🏼💕 #motivated #fitfam #coachlife #healthandwellness #loveyourself #myjourney

“Sweatin’ for a weddin’!” That was my whole motto when i started my fitness journey...then it became SO MUCH MORE! i actually fell in love with working out, planning meals, even GROCERY SHOPPING!! What the!!? I used to sleep literally all “naps” were 4 hour sleeps! I wouldn’t leave my house for days because of my anxiety & depression. But now? I love being outside, interacting with people...INSPIRING people. This journey has changed my life forever & i am so grateful i finally decided to take a leap of faith. If you’re ready to change your life & take a leap of faith, You need to JOIN ME! I promise we can do this together!! ❤️ #loveyourself #healthandwellness #coachlife #myjourney #fitfam

Struggling with motivation? Guess what...ME TOO! Struggling with Nutrition? Guess what...ME TOO! BUT I have a group of people that stand behind me & continue to motivate me daily! We challenge each other, push each other, & PRAISE each other! We ALL struggle daily with something, but when you have a team of people who are rooting for you it makes everything WORTH IT! What’s stopping you!?

Queen of naps? ME! Queen of binge eating? ME! Queen of making EVERY excuse in the book to stay in bed? ALSO ME! I signed up for Beachbody on Demand in January and started my first program in February. Everyday since the very first day of that program I told someone in my life “This program is changing my life”. 2 weeks into that program I took a chance and decided to become a virtual COACH! I have always had a PASSION for helping and inspiring others and now I am turning that PASSION into a PURPOSE! I will be here 24/7 to help you with your fitness journey! No matter where you live or how in-shape or out of shape you are I AM HERE! For years I have struggled with depression & self confidence, UNTIL I was introduced to Beachbody. Now everyday I look at myself and think about how PROUD I am that I have committed to changing my lifestyle. If you are struggling like we all have at some point and you just don’t know where to begin, PLEASE comment or message me! I want to help you LOVE yourself, CHALLENGE yourself, and BELIEVE in yourself! #fitfam #coach #virtualgym #loveyourself

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister from another mister! It feels like just yesterday i met a girl by herself at orientation who just happened to have a parent from England JUST LIKE ME! You’ll forever be not only one of my best friends, but my sister!! I love you with all my heart & i wish i could celebrate with you!! Hope you have the best day & your fiancé @g_haley4 SPOILS you!! ❤️🎊🎉

I sure am thankful for these sweet babies! ❤️❤️

October hurry up!! I can’t wait to be your wife ❤️💍

So happy for these two!! Now hopefully these boys don’t get tooo sick of us with all this planning!

Cooper & I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to us & congratulated us on this exciting time in our life! We are so excited for what the future holds & can’t wait to become husband & wife ❤️ also huge thank you to our families who kept this secret from me for MONTHS!!! They are way to good at keeping secrets or I’m just that oblivious! Anyway, we love you all so much!! 💖💖


World Alzheimer’s Day 💜 #endalzheimers #endalz #worldalzheimersday

Had a good time watching Jon Wolfe tonight. Always puts on a great show! #forevermyfav #jonwolfe

My favorite human. I love you more than words can express ❤️


I used to pray for the happiness I have now. 💕

Happy Birthday My love 💕💕 I sure do love life with you ☺️😘 I love you most #23neverlookedsogood

i have the cutest Valentines 😍❤️ #happyvalentinesday

#ENDALZ #TheLongestDay In honor of my grandma who passed away last May 💜

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