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Working for the Panda means working to save the world... and that makes me a super hero, right? #shareourplanet

This photo was taken 2 hour ago and I still don’t think I’m breathing right. #fangirl

Recently realized that I haven’t actually been living my best life in DC because there are no photos on the Instagram to prove it #badmillennial

Laughing through how awkward it is to actually ask people if they will accept my rose. #nextbachelorette #mostdramaticseasonyet

I’m so hot, I don’t need a jacket. (Just kidding I’m still cold from this picture)

Orientation slumber party (+ Dave)! What a wonderful time with some of my favorite people. 💙💙 #eagleswoop

This was in no way a prerequisite for living with me, but I think we can all agree it was pretty inevitable. ❤️⚽️

“Get a Boom of our first champagne pop in the apartment.” “Wait no, we need our security deposit back!” #noworktomorrow #girlsnight

Love you nugget. Sorry not sorry I named you after a dog. #BlackCatAppreciationDay #Siriusthecat #HarryPotterpetnames

So proud of my intelligent, beautiful best friend! Happy I was able to celebrate your accomplishments with you today as you earned your undergraduate degree. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things your future has in store. ❤️❤️ #WetheloveWashingtons

Traded in two years for three letters and some extra fabric. You can all start calling me master now. 🎓 #ourlovewillneverdie

Photos taken 6 years and (almost) 2 degrees apart.

Apparently April 30th is National Honest Day, and honestly I’m not sure how I would handle my Harry Potter obsession, late night reading splurges, or generally craziness without the always lovely Kennedy. I appreciate your friendship more than you know; it means so much to know that I can always count on your support. You make trips into Maryland worth it. Thanks for always making my half birthday a priority. ❤️🎉🎁🎈

Always trust the dishes. #trythegreystuffitsdelicious

National Women’s Olympic Curling Team 2022: here I come! That one was for Michelle, Kevin, and their babysitter. #hiddentalent #newobsession

🎵Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?🎵 ...kinda. Happy birthday (present) Mom!

Happy birthday Mom. Thanks for screaming about soccer things with me even though we usually share the same opinion.

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