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A wolf with the heart of a lion who’s only wish was to fly like an eagle

The totem reminds me to stand tall and when the time is right, embrace the fall. If it is destined then let it be

Good ol’ nature walks with the one and only @marvvacito

Thanos was right tbh

“Mess with the bowl I’ll give your head a bullet hole”- machine gun lenny

The knight’s reflection revealed the jester’s face

Almost Fictional

Ik it’s cringe but witness the rise of FGL, a series of unbelievable adventures leading up to who I am in the present🤣 stay shwifty

“All these hidden monsters in my roster have me feelin like an imposter”-FGL

Had a good day. Watched a better sunset😍🌅

This is how we smile😂

Will it go viral? Idk🤷🏽‍♂️

Never looking down🤫🍻

Ahh nothin special just another piece literature to look back on when I get somewhere#gottostartsomewhere

Last night was lit with the mates🔥🔥 add the snap if you haven’t yet👉🏽Lmvroon

Credits to the og cookie// whatever you call em dealer, straight outta 2013 with the obviously superior memes. What weren’t you good at? @nyxusmax

2018 was eventful and I loved it. Hope everyone’s year ended the way they wanted❤️🤘🏼

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