Steve Abercrombie (@renegadechef)

Suburban gourmet Chef and Golf addict under intense treatment and therapy. Fore!!!

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💥💣💥YEAH BABY🏌️🐯!!!!!

☕Super Deal!!!👍🏻

☕I was given this Chocolate Caramel thing that you're supposed to stir into your coffee. Sounds fun enough until you read the ingredients😳 Any idea what 'Yellow Lake #5' or 'Blue Lake #2' is??? I make it a rule not to eat anything with a colour followed by a number in the ingredients😆

🤬Bit of a morning blender accident... RIGHT before I was heading out the D🤬🤬R!!! #nutribullet #proteinshake #shit

🥓🍔🐷Bacon Jam Burger w/ soft boiled egg, melted cheese, lettuce, and...OHHHH MY good heavens!!! ---Sweet Mary and Joseph😮PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!💥💣💥

Ummm, kinda misleading....... Or is it just me?!?🤔

💥💣🤛🏻Yup. It's bigger than my head!😮

🏆🎯Got some new Nike's today. The new REACT line✳️✴️✳️

🍆🧀🥪🥘🌶️Perfect Lasagna with home grown Zucchini!!! Deeee-Lish😋

🍕🍍🧀Spinach, Pineapple, Pepperoni, Fresh Tomatoes, and Manchego👍😘💋 Dig the F@#k IN!!!

☀️Beautiful day at a few of VanCitys beaches today🏖️

🤓Guess who???

❄️😊☕Beautiful walk on the Seawall today passing through Dundarave Park☀️

☀️❄️☕New Year's Day walk on the Seawall.

🏝️⚓🏖️🌊⛵Back from our Caribbean tour. This one was taken in Antigua

🚙🤠What Beetle did you own/is your fave?🚘

🥢🍣🍤🥑🥒My favourite Sushi Chef was working, and I asked him for a ‘Chef Special’. Then this arrived -thing was massive!😳

🐷So my Organic Pork arrived like this today. They Scotch-Taped right over the poor little bugger!!! #deadfly #goodshot #onewaytokillafly

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