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Art adventure #1 México Always wanted to get back in a choir. Now I’m in two!! #choirnerd #goals #methodicalmo!nica

Although super late I didn’t want to not say thank you to Tucson for the amazing show and time. The kick ass performances by Demasiado-@realblink182 @fjulix n Erica , Bride @trannychaste , and Lairs @_triangal_ Special thanks to Al @_triangal_ for setting up the show. Also to the many other Tucson raddies. It was my first time in AZ and I really feel like those folks embody that saying, you’re heart is the size of your fist, keep loving keep fighting. Thank you!! @chztt @revolta_art @rustypedal @pile_of_hair @gooby_sparkles @debichessmabie @xxdolphinprince69xx @starenawt_intothe_uh @hawthornforyourheartache Background info: My phone got stolen shortly after I got to CDMX that is why the post took a while. Lo siento #¿betterlatethannever?

Show #9!! Tucson AZ!! Design by: @_triangal_

And to the left, melty Mo!...I made it to Tucson!!

Thanks L.A. and Riverside/San Bernadino Counties. Wilson, Li @lipallaslovesyou , Carle @foundinsound , Kalayo @roguepinay , and Audrey @tenderflourfemme thanks for hosting. Kalayo we are on such similar journeys right now! Glad I got to see you, adventure with you, and play photo shoot. Special shout out to my favorite new buddy MapleBinx @maplebinx for always assuring me they wanted to smash. #giantgroundslothfemme #dryheatiscoolerifyou'renaked Change of Plans: Sadly Kalayo @roguepinay and I were not able to perform at the Tuesday Night Cafe. So many other wonderful performers did though like the video featuring the live caligraphy performance. So instead of LA being show #9, Tucson will be! I'm stoked! #8.5L.A. #thesearethebreaks Photo credit: @roguepinay

Tomorrow! Tuesday Night Project Cafe Tuesday, July 17, 2018 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM Aratani Courtyard/Union Center for the Arts 120 Judge John Aiso St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 @roguepinay and I will be performing a couple of songs together!! Reunited at last! #TuesdayNightCafe #TuesdayNightProject #tgif

On my way to LA....

Deepest gratitude to everyone for the sweetest week. From the shows with @squidinkband, @fattycakesband, and @bayareagirlsrockcamp . To all the adventures in and out of Smokey Willow High. #friendstownstation #livinginthediscoball. Thanks for reminding me to shape my adulthood with beauty, decadence, wit, fits, bravery, and artistry. #justlikeaLeo All the shout outs to @spam.panties, @wabisabi_softboiled, @_viviveronica_ , @glamor.slug, @vandellz, @nightsmelt, @yolofoshotho, @kinzki_at_it_again, @ayyoteo, @putxpepper, @rosco_kickingstone, @billimoon, Rocky, Wu, Rori and fam, Leeloo, and a whole lot more community. Thanks for making the space. Photo credit: @spam.panties

Soooooooo excited for this show. Thanks y'all for putting me on..@fattycakesband @squidinkband @yolofoshotho If you need any other info hit me up. Thanks to FCPP for the flyer!! #206 #seatown (Show #8)

Tomorrow Show #7!!! Bay Area Girls Rock Camp @ Oakland School for the Arts in downtown Oakland. Ill be playing at around 12:50pm. Thanks to Chelsey for the organization and for sending me these BAGRC designs!

On the road to the Bay. Playing Bay Area Girls Rock Camp lunch show (Show#7). Woop Woop! July 11th. Then El Rio (Show#8) Friday July 13th w/ Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries @fattycakesband and Squid Ink @squidinkband Scoop-a-dee-poop!! More info to follow. Hit me up, if you wanna hang. #fridaythe13th #sendgoodvibes #methodicalmo!

Thank you to the Safe House for putting on the show and putting us up. Mise for playing @miseissilly with Ross @levoneleh and I. Jared @torchballad61 , David @astoriadavid , Christina @xtinadu ,Joe @curlyjoearmstrong , Olaf @goodbowl , and all the rad new musician friends who populate and create that sweet scene. Shout out to Monica and the Shy Boys @caitef . Have a great tour! Astoria you take my breath away. #thisiswhatweregrateful #pittsburghsistercity

On the road to Astoria!

Thank you Portland for reminding me of the beautiful things you miss in a car. Thank you Ponz for hosting, that dreamy bed, and the solid time. Thank you Claire @tlalcihuatlx for your performance that felt like art home and vegan inspirations. #salontourdreaming #plantarfasciitismademedoit #doorclosed #windowopened

Show #6 At the beginning of tour someone asked me if I was gonna play anywhere I hadn't been before. Astoria is one of those places. Based on folks descriptions it sounds whimsical and beautiful. Excited to check this place out. If you got any suggestions for stuff to do while I'm there, message me. #overthehump # Thursdayistheweekend

Hey Yall, Im gonna be in PDX Monday!! My bus gets in at 11:15am. Hit me up if you want to get breakfast, go on an adventure, or you need a hand with a task. Later I'm playing my set at the Brown Ranch, Gita and Ponz's house , at 8pm. It's a school night y'all so we will probably be starting pretty close to 8pm. Brown Ranch accessibility info: the house is all 1 level, there is 1 short step to get into the house, the space is low-scent, and there is 1 indoor cat. See you there! Show#5 #numericalgoals #halfwaythere

Ah! I've never done an open mic before. The experience was humbling, I learned how musicians use open mics as a tool, and sampled a bunch of local musicians from Tacoma. #metronomedontplay #Tacomaissogood Big thanks to my Tacoma buddies Fletcher @flexx.sweatshirt and Danielle @dlw223 for coming to the show, it means a lot. Pictured here is a painting Danielle did for Fletcher's bday of the 2017 eclipse...and my #androidpaddad reflection. Up next Portland!

#androidpaddad headed to Tacoma.

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