Pierre💜 (@rapperbarbiee)

🌸buy and stream Queen album everywhere now!🦄🔥💓 🌸 38k?🔐 if u don’t like the kingdom then get the F out of here!💁🏼‍♂️ 🌸BE ACTIVE 🌸Hard white video !!👇

Website: https://youtu.be/ChotWwHqLpg

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Watch the barbz post that 30 sec verse when it drops i swear💀

IG++ is working again if it got revoked again i’m gonna suicide🗿 I FARTED WUSGUD WHO GONNA TELL ME SUMTHN

Gm y’all👾

I can’t wait to be graduated 🗿


Your fav. Could never ⚫️ big black point

I just need her to get into queen radio and tell us how she surpassed & feel about this mess that had happened to her .. the arenas - the coachella shit- ughhh i feel so bad for her 😭

You are dumb asf if u think all of this technical mess were nicki’s fault nicki looked amazing and despite having issues with the mic sis ari had helped her and she said that they can’t hear anything.. nicki was so sad tho I felt so bad for her 😓 #nickiminaj

Why they are scared from taylor to drop music .. I mean let her drop we only need a new music from nicki she said she is doing this shit for us “her fans” and only ... she does not need to chart... my sis been doing a good numbers during her whole career 😗

That is so sad seeing some barbz convinced that farta b will take the queen spot ... “ sHe AiN’t HuNgRy FoR HeR SpOt No MoRe”💩 Cr: @iam.cardio1

Well this lil hoe still in 2019 disrespecting the queen ... #nickiminaj

@nickiminaj sis drop the single ... thank u☺️ #nickiminaj

Thats might be her best verse from 2018 ! #nickiminaj

Bout to make these bum pages mad again🗿😛😛 #nickiminaj

i’m back !!!💋

Hey hoes!! I miss y’all🦄🙈

I watched the pink print documentary again today and really it do make me cry becuz seeing her crying infront of me i can’t hold it..😪🙏 the way she were talking about her hard life in the hood too.. i love her 🖤🖤

Can they drop this song with the video please as FEFE ?! #nickiminaj #kanyewest #kimkardashian

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