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Work Hard Just To Get Half Back 😪

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Here they go with the LIES AGAIN!! First of all Nicki don't even talk like that, PeriodT!! Now carry on

Oh and she show love too I definitely Stan @imladyleshurr ❤️💯

No Sir,do not come by me don't get any closer lmao..Yoo sis did a whole freestyle about her tooth! LMAO Dope asf love it❤️💯 Real Talent

@nickiminaj Never signed a 360 bitch u wild Dumb!! Yo fav can't relate 💯

#Beautiful #Queens @nickiminaj @imladyleshurr 💯❤️ Did so Amazing and @imladyleshurr is dope ASF!! Something new to listen too❤️

Jealousy is a disease die Slow!

PERIODT 💯 Real Tea!! When you have real Talent..You shine no matter what ❤️#Queens @imladyleshurr @nickiminaj

PERIODT 💯 But I don't understand why TF they keep asking that Question.I NEVER see them comparing the Migos to Jay,Ye or Em.So how TF is it possible to compare someone who don't write to,someone who have talent and do Write?! Start asking who's better between cardi and Kim or Remy! They won't bc they know cardi trash and they get paid to keep this sht going bc ppl are feeding off the negativity Nicki gets!! And this is EXACTLY why the BARBS go so Hard PeriodT PERIODT!!! S/O to this Queen for not bringing down another Queen❤️ @theestallion a Real One! I hope everybody with talent make it to the top!! Alrighty I'm done with my Rant.but this pissed me Awf! #PayAttention


BadBishhh 😍 And Her Attitude Nasty 🥵

It’s been a good birthday 🎈🎀

Don't fuck wit the Middle man,Low ranks @nickiminaj only meet with the Bosses! #NickiMinaj

@nickiminaj shine no matter What! #Queen

If this was baseball I ain't let em slide once...

Y'all notice how these cheap ass Blogs only post Nicki when it's about negativity? It's slow,ugly ppl really on line spreading Lies and trying to discredit her...It's no longer Hate it's pure Jealousy Die Slow!! Ppl are really brainwashed fr

This is why they're really mad @nickiminaj is doing everything she said she was going to do!! 10 yrs still on Top And they get Compared to Nicki no matter What 💯 #NickiMinaj #Queen

PERIODT 💯 Via~@theminajpress

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