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Anything and everything that has to be done, is already done once I decide. 📷 : @rhealisticview

I go to MY place mentally and get it done. I haven’t felt much resistance in a long while, but I’ve been training daily for it so now that it’s here I’m staring it in the face and I can see it starting to flinch. I really could care less about how I’m feeling or what I supposedly “need”. Obsessive and focused is the combo I cracked and now operate in. Everybody has a story and is going through something, I’m not here to talk about what we all go through, instead I more so illustrate the quest of someone who’s ready to give blood just for 1 extra inch, then figure out the next inch before I even heal. After I master who I am I’ll be back to lead. #grow #body #gains #fit #fitness #blackfit #blackfitness #black #king #blackking #progress #effort #success #muscle #yoga #stretch #fun #park #photography #weights #gym #workout #work #grind

You don’t really know how you’d react With your back against the wall, so you spend your time going to that place of discomfort. Would you work for the moral benefit? Or do you always need the reward and recognition? When you find out even overachieving just wasn’t enough, how strong is your belief? You’re probably the type to avoid confrontation, but truthfully it always finds you. This is a mixture of multiple mentalities that make you feel vulnerable and unstoppable. If tomorrow is granted after it was never promised we owe it to ourself to push every “boundary” they thought would stop us. 📷: @rhealisticphotography

Somebody said I will light this whole planet up and we got street lights Others said, we’re going to touch the Sky And there were skyscrapers The craziest in the room suggested humans maybe can fly, and we got air planes. -Visionary mindset. Does speaking a world changing invention into existence make you something of a prophet? This is bigger than fitness. I have really been on some other stuff lately.

The new American Dream ; making a living off your side hustle 📸: @rhealisticphotography

I’m my most creative in the middle of the night. My best self at night. Chasing dreams at night feels better than seeing them when I’m sleep. I feel inspired at night and motivated during the day. I plant the best seeds at night. I’m on to something at night. Every night. I was born at night. The frequency of my focus is the highest at night. Everything taking place during the day was sparked at night.

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