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Learn to control your urges Learn to control your feelings Learn to control your thoughts.

Peeping game since young 🛰

We starting 4/20 early tomorrow night in Brooklyn, get there and get lit 🔥 @iamtallybands performing along side some other lit artists

Lit lit, tune into #neverfeltalive today by @iamtallybands 3:55 pm on @Beats1Official @AppleMusic @oldmanebro #Beats1Ebro #Beats1

CIP King 👑 , still lost for words but #themarathoncontinues

Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it. Pc: @sifu_jermz

Recap of an epic night ! @ultranostra @dotdemo Shot by: @rasheedingram 🙏🏼 Edited by: @thedailygems

Question , since when do real niggas come second ? Held off on this post, wishing your family all of the best blessings and that the lord share mercy on your soul. Never got to meet you and you were one individual I wanted to one day tell you that, your music held me down a lot , your path gave me faith, and your words had light ! On the low you’d been one of my favorites for the last 5+ years. SIP #nipseyhusslethegreat young king you deserved better. Get your rest #themarathon continues

Never easy to say peace to the good ones 😞, @dave_roz_rosner you gave me a chance taught me wild funny things and Golden rules@to live by. I remember you spoke to me when you found out I came into work the day my baby brother passed. You let me stay in the studio days on in so I wouldn’t come home and dwell on what just happened. First day of work ! Literally and I was there you assured me that I wouldn’t lose my opportunity cause of my loss and that family came first no matter what. I remember leaving quad and calling you two weeks later about the @thuggerthugger1 listening and you said to me “ I knew you were going to start making moves quick” always checked in and use to call me about mad shit. Much love #uncleroz make sure you managing the greats up In heaven. Take it ez now and enjoy the tunes up there 🙏🏼 🙏🏼

Tomorrow , Tomorrow , Tomorrow. New #BDP finna boom in Juu heard @dotdemo @ultranostra @iamtallybands , cut the square shit pull up ! @majorstage @sobsnyc

Thursday, Thursday, Issa vibe nothing less , good talent , great music , better gang @majorstage @ultranostra

•Look forward to the week not the weekend$• 👀

March 28th @sobsnyc Finna get real real stoopid.

New music just dropped today , By @iamtallybands , prod by @phwesh #neverfeltalive super excited, enjoy it in all dsp’s right now, 🙏🏼

You seen what @dotdemo did ? You heard uh dat @ultranostra shit? Get familiar papa !

Happy international women’s day #orchardurban #internationalwomensday

#frnds 🎥 just cracked a million Congrats @iamtallybands , made my my acting debut in this one. Haha 🤣 Nah but for real thank you to everyone who made this happen @orchard.urban Directed/produced by : @closd954

Go stream #frnds by @iamtallybands produced by @reazyrenegade while yah wait for that #NFA project, Shits a vibe can’t wait for yah to hear what we put together @orchard.urban PC: @sifu_jermz

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