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High people swear they have the best inventions #categorizedTowels #worrrddd

YYZ to PVG. ✈️ Check out the new Raptors playoff commercial and you'll find me and the Shanghai crew REPPIN! LET'S GO RAPS!! 🤘🏽🏀 #raptors #WTN #Allin HUGE shoutout to cousin @nkadbet for making it all happen!

Blessed to live another year of foolishness. And so humbled to have such a wonderful TA and students who gave me the best surprise. 🙏🏾 #YourFavouriteFool

The moment you realize vacation is over and it's time to go back to teaching #semestertwo #couchboyz

An elephant never forgets, and I'm sure my sons won't forget this experience with dad. #papaLovesYou #ThickSack

The boys are back in town #AGO

Happy Chinese New Year! My first time experiencing such a momentous occasion and a huge shout out to my fellow kindergarten teachers who may or may not have dedicated their Bollywood performance to me. And a big shoutout to my brothers of Sino, who are a the best guys. Let's get this vacation started baby!

Gone in 60 seconds 🏎💨 #soju

New year, same me, just in case you all pho-got 🍜 #nye2019

In Da Nang, doing the damn thang.

I searched high and low, land and water, and still wasn't sure Ha Long Bay was going to take to arrive. #halongbay #christmasinvietnam

I remember watching Parts Unknown with my pops and Anthony Bourdain took Barack Obama to this humble noodle restaurant in Hanoi (The first picture shows the exact spot they ate, which has since been enclosed). I made it a mission that if I ever had the opportunity to visit Vietnam, I'd want to go to this very restaurant. The restaurant is in fact 4 levels! I indulged in the "Combo Obama" which only costs $5 CAD. Here's to following Bourdain's many other famously recommended cuisines and restaurants Vietnam has to offer. #hanoi #partsunknown * 📸: @ctinasingh

#TBT to that time I was crowned "Prince of Yangshuo." Those slides have seen the inside of more clubs than any of my dressy shoes. And for that, I say, Big Up China! 🤘🏽

DAY 98 in China: "Mans tryna Bund?" #shanghainights

Keep my students on the right track #TeacherO

Most nights I can't sleep, so I write my own lullabies. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ At times I look within and feel like I am by myself Searching the world for answers but I need somebody's help We live in a system that measures you based on your wealth But what's a millionaire if they ain't got their fucking health? I met a monk today that made me have a change of pace Saw I was moving out of order and put me in my place He said the prettiest people have the ugliest traits Indebted to the devil, fighting towards heaven's gates I live like water in this world, I'm always catching waves Ancestry of kings but we living as if we slaves Societal pressures forcing all of us to conform Riddled with ridicule if we don't act just like the norm Prisoners of minds, breaking shackles now we living free Dig deep within your soul you'll find who you're supposed to be You lucky that I'm rapping usually y'all ain't worth the time Wisdom to all my brothers echoed in a perfect rhyme And to my girls who be calling me their chocolat chaud They love the way I talk and love My impeccable flow I Never fail or falter Like the rock of Gibraltar Y'all make me sick like a priest getting head at the altar I did it even though they said "we don't believe in you" Drop the o from studio that's what you rappers need to do Cus I've been working on my diction, honing on my kraft A number one pick over all in the hip hop draft. -Swankie #hiphop #mondaybars #bars #rapping #rapper #shaderoom #areYouReadingThese #thanks #youCanStopNow #LookAtYou #YoureStillReadingThese #iAppreciateYou @letskeephiphopalive @realpeterock @snoopdogg @6ixbuzztv

To a weekend I barely remember, but Shanghai won't forget. #YoungJulu #backindamix #noididntpissmyself

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