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quarter-life crisis calls for more blonde and a middle part 🤙🏼 • • thank you @noeyh for always reading my mind you’re the BEST 🥰

#HerHockey night was so fun, especially since it was a HUGE win!!!!! but what’s even more fun is working with & looking up to women in the pens organization who constantly inspire me! 🖤🐧💛

my last phoenix sunset; will definitely be visiting again. until then, 🤟🏼’zona

just in case you forgot what my face, profile and top of my head looks like!! 🌴🌵🌾⛰🌠🌻💛

“many people all over the world have depression and anxiety that goes untreated because they feel ashamed to speak up about it. we must seek help. to the youth out there, life is always worth living. always, always, always. you are not broken. you will go on to do incredible things. we need you, stay with us.” - @danreynolds //// thank you dearly for your strength, courage, wisdom and kindness. what dan said.

smiling because i haven’t walked into a cactus (yet) ! 🌵

remember when pittsburgh was supposed to get 12-18 inches of snow? well, yeah it’s sleeting/raining/everything but snowing here, so enjoy some cozy, pretty, snowy, non-filtered pics from that time I went to canada 🌬

in unrelated news I made eye contact with Joe Manganiello today so really it can only go downhill from here. HAPPY HAMILTON DAY !!!!!! #blessed

one would think we were laughing away 2018 here, but really we were laughing at @dancooley squatting over a toilet to take MANY pics of us; true mvp. • • so grateful to have these girls in my life 💞

I always feel SO immensely blessed on Christmas & now incredibly short thanks to my goofy, smart & kind boys. shoutout to my parents for making the holidays so special all 22 years of my life. now back to regular scheduled programming: *egg nog sippin’, The Holiday watchin’, celebratin’ & reminiscin’* !

veronica lodge (@camimendes) at your service on this christmas eve 🖤🎄❤️

you know like seat fillers at award shows? yeah that’s me but with the pens 👀🤪

I was blessed with two turkeys who changed my life forever 🧡 • • enjoy the special time with your families today + be grateful. happy thanksgiving 🍂🦃

O heck! • • things I have learned this weekend: almost everyone is a steelers fan & loves sidney crosby/mario lemieux, many stores & restaurants play 90s top 100 radio, there are lots of phone booths and painted murals under bridges, but mostly that the people of ottawa are so kind & welcoming 💛🇨🇦

this was taken before the game started clearly, but the poutine was fab. silver lining, eh? • • but I will always love & root for MY back-to-back stanley cup champs 🖤💛

crunchy leaves ... ʸᵘʰ

(yes, some of these are shot vertically SUE ME) but, on a positive note, October has always been a favorite month of mine. this time around, it started with Tom Hanks, ended with my bff & trick-or-treaters, & a whole bunch of shows, friends, penguins & smiles in the middle. also in the middle, I was shown firsthand at how resilient & caring Pittsburgh truly is & I’m so proud to be from the burgh 🖤 happy November 1st, remember to be thankful & love fully every single day!

we got the rabbi! 🎙

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