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Please Pray Now For The Word Of God says Let He that thinks He Stands Take Heed Lest He Fall. #happysundayeveryone #happysunday #MayYourWeekyieldFavour #God'sfavourisuponyourworkthismonth #haveawonderfulweek

#NoFilterPics So I decided to Share my Progress😃 1month in the Fitness World and am looking......(Fill in the gap) When you see Results, it becomes an Addiction! There were days I didn't feel like working out but I did and am proud i didn't give up. There were times I felt like the progress is slow but remember Slow Progress is Progress! The Worst Workout is the One You Didn't Start 5 Things Keeping Fit and Not taking for granted your Workout Routines and Going to gym will do for you 1 Apart from the regular sweating when working out, I found out that I sweated more in 1 month than I have in 1 Year which is good for your Skin and Body! When people say they sweat easily, am always like it's that supposed to be an achievement 🤔but I didn't get the the importance till I started working out. 2. Of course you see the results in less than a month. 3. Your level of Confidence Soars 4. Your Skin Glows 5. You feel More Positive, Energetic each day you workout. #fitgirls #fitmotivation #fitmonday #naijafitness #lagos #abuja #fitness #gym #gymshark #lovefit #benin #face #facemodels #campusconnect

The Way Out Of Shame into Honour is through Searching, Study but especially through Meditation. * Health is the greatest gift. Contentment the greatest Wealth. Faithfulness the greatest Relationship. Keep a Joyful Heart, Approach the world with a Positive Mindset, Be Willing to pay the price of Good Success and Do the little good you can where you are🤗 #sundayvibes #meditate #abuja #successmindset #humanity #selfie #facemodels #fitgals #naijacampusconnect #modelingagency #nigerian #onlinepromotion #trillonaire #naturalista #entrepreneurs #naijaentrepreneur #traveling

Ladies Waist Trainer! Get yours now! Latest Edition now @fit_estore Fall in love with Taking Care Of Your Body. I realised that when i say i love myself, I love my body doesn't mean I should not do what I am supposed to do to keep fit , healthy and improve myself. Having a fit, Health Plan or routine doesn't mean you love yourself or body less. In Fact it means You Love you so much that you want to be better and want to grow. Instead of staring at the mirror and wish for a better body, you can wake up and do the work! And Trust Me When you start seeing Results, Then It becomes an Addiction! Get started now with @fit_estore . DM us to get you exactly what you need to start your Fit journey! But Remember The best thing is to start. #fitlove #selflove #naijacampusconnect #fitmom #fitmotivation #abujababes #lagos #fitnaija #nigerian

Never allow anything steal your Joy. Rejoicing all the way.

What a Royal Traditional Wedding Indeed! Congratulations @carissasharon and @iampf. We Love you both so dearly even as we Celebrate you Worldwide! 😊❤❤❤

Jane£ My Success Is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

INNER CITY MISSION Nearly half of all children in sub-Saharan Africa are living in extreme poverty, according to a joint Unicef-World Bank report released on Tuesday, with figures showing that almost 385 million children worldwide survive on less than $1.90 (£1.50) a day, the World Bank international poverty line. Join me as I sponsor 200 children back to school, To sponsor a Child back to school is 2000 Naira, Join me let's make a difference in 3 Day's Remember Every Child is your child, You may not have all that you want now but you're already impacting lives, what better way to tell God You're Ready to handle Bigger things. Thank you so much..DM for your participation

The Island Movie Premiers in Cinemas 10th August 2018 Go Watch it! #Theislandmovie #Tbossmemes @officialtboss_ @theisland_movie @achievasent @mansacole _________________


Love Me..So unique

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