Pretty Face, Mi Ah Problem⚦☇ (@obey._.karm)

Dms = Open🌟 Bi🌈☇ Puerto Rican🔥❄ Singlee🔓 Pmoys: @kardazzzle💧💞 No Corny Bitchez Heree🔫🔪 Editz: @knk.editz


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Wrddd😩,, that's how it be sumtimezz.. #explore

'Put My Crown On Again, Imma Knock It Off'. That's The Tea Sisss!🖤🍯 #explore

Idk what's wrong w me, but I'm depressed bc they canceled school tmr..fck! Some mfkn bs, I supposed to fight some crusty bitch..😂 #explore

My R.O.D right here, I love her sooooo much😂🖤 @hothead.zaay , Get her to 1k LUV U SIS💜

Periodttt, Believe Itt!😂 #explore

Periodttt ya hoez noseyyy💀⚦ #explore

I need to get out of here( I'm at school)😝🙃 #explore

Faxx Til' I'm taking the Dirt Nap Bichh..☇⚦❄😂 #explore

Hey Bitches, Good Mythical Morning../idk what's wrong w me but hii so you guys tht don't got me on snap ADD me @Kardazzzle💧☇ #explore

I - W T F 💀 stop this Lil white girl plzzz, both of dem, lmao @babyrabbitprincess what kinda @ is that like lmao @musa._.donzo we gon expose this girl on the bus in Mondayyy, she know who I am..😂 Can't even take a correct picture w yo LG

Tell Me How My Acc Back And the Person Who "hacked" Me Told Me Everythingg, ok..🙃 HAPPY ASFFF RNN!🎉🔥 #explore

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