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ɳɛѵɛʀ ɓɛ ɑ pʀiรѳɳɛʀ ѳԲ uʀ pɑรt. it wɑร ʝuรt ɑ ʆɛรรѳɳ ɳѳt ɑ ʆiԲɛ รɛɳtɛɳcɛ.

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The night is still young..!!

Aku give up.. Mlm mlm cari pasal.. Buat aku marah je..

Rase macam nak ramas ramas je dia ni..

When mummy trying to give some positive advice.. And Adik be like... Super annoying but cute tho..

I willing to be her manager if someone take her as a model.. Her beauty is from Allah.. Thanks Allah..

Only mummy will spoil her like this..

So when aunty is a big bully.. But still they love me.. I cannot tahan.. So funny..

Adek every first movie date with mummy..

Actually takde lah terok sgt.. Cume nak elak kan dia dari garok2 kaki dia yg kene gigi nyamok je.. #mukesteprabak

Bdk tak tahu malu be like.......

Thats my care bear.. But this girl bring it every where..

Thanks for the tarts.. Sedap gile.. Sape tak cube rugi.. Want I have here is BUBBLEGUM, RED VELVET AND ORIGINAL..

When Adik eat lemon.

"i want spicy pedas" In case u people don't understand

Tadi ade.. Skrng hilang sudah

Spicy noodle.. Bile mlm lapar..

Anak mummy makin besar makin active. Looks like mummy daddy is ready for all the emergency.

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