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I've lost so many relationships because of the fallacy of secrecy. I strive on articulating my speach in such a manner that my words don't cause harm. I'm not secretive, I just care beyond your perception of me. #wordshurt #care #perception

I've never succumb to boredom on any level or context - I'm too much of a loner for that 😁 #bored #officespace #jack

I've found a new winter niche - being my favorite season and all - #beanies and #coats. Just need to re-up on my beanies though - prob end up moving the merch coz everything I got came from a leak 😜 #workselfie

I got a new haircut and I fought with my selfie camera because it keeps adding some beauty effect. #control #autumncolors

Wait dude I thought we were here to... Oh ok, we can do this quick before we... Promise you I don't have the lighter... OK one more before we head in. #ambassadorsearch #wolves

Then the weather was like ima give you a snippet of what's yet to come #scarfseason

Was walking past the mirror... Honestly 🙂 #sweaterweather

When's the last time I took a #selfie though 🤔

If you were wondering what I was bumping this weekend at the 🔒 then feel free to check out the link on @x14x14x14x14x bio - caress me later for being your 🔌 for errhang. #newmusic #thedrop #worthit #instagood #plug

I made one friend this year; I think that'll suffice for the rest of the year 🤖🤖🤖 #photooftheweek

Had to repost this on my personal 🦍 #worthit

It’s real outchea yo #ducktales

#repost @adidassearch2018_

Last week was a bit of a mess; stuff got lost, and a couple dynamics changed. This week I had to make room for ‘the other guy’ an Lo’ and behold! We’re on a move. The cheques came in unexpectedly, and the network grew just a little bit more. Couldn’t go another day without thanking ‘the other guy’ (as dodge as he is), he got us through and made it happen 💪🏽 #selfie #alterego #mce #photooftheday #ourdreamsmatter

Special thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday; appreciate it much 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

In the past 2 months I’ve been in hospital (critical condition); dissolved a business before launch; launched @swaggwoolf; turned down 20+ offers; been rejected 70+ times by suites; watched money go down the drain; had people that I trusted turn their backs on me; lost another girlfriend; countless attempts to hustle me; countless offers to take these ❄️🌈⚡️; and, and, and... I just had an appointment with my dentist 🤤 That ain’t even half of it (or else I wouldn’t share it), and with all due respect to those going through the most - this is by faaaar the best life I’ve lived 🕺🏽 #yolo #life #choices #growth

Young #throwback to a place I dubbed #thehive needless to say; you gotta be there to #experience it for yourself 😁 #throwbackthursday #photooftheday #location

I’ve been #privileged enough to #experience #twoworlds growing up, and every #nowandthen I get to see the #blacklivesmatter side of town and it really bothers me #how 😐 . . #downtown #woke #theotherside @swaggwoolf

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