Fuck You Im Mori (@mori_isnt_here)

If I could I’d delete every picture on here, but it’s the memories I’m afraid to lose

Website: https://soundcloud.com/listentozech303/prime-prod-by-byoung

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“I walked in here, he said “How you doing sweet stuff?” I was like “Sir, come on, I’m just here to buy some makeup for my wife.” Then he tried to give me a kiss. I’m not gone lie, I gave him a kiss back. It was dope, it was cool. It was a pretty good experience. My nipples got hard.”

Why do you distance yourself from all love? Is it because you’re afraid to follow your own heart? If so my darling, you aren’t living nor loving. I promise it isn’t as scary as it seems.

This song doesn’t get enough recognition. Go listen and like it up! ZECH the real shit not that bullshit mumble rap! Link in my bio

Everyone be questioning my sexuality, calling my ass a lesbian but truth is I just get more pussy than you and you just mad 🤣

Check my best friend’s shit out! You won’t regret it👌🏼🔥 link in the bio. Let’s make him big

I love being around you Faitherson, making me laugh and cracking up for hours on end. I never have to look good when we are going out, we can look like complete and total shit as long as you get to brush your hair😂. You’ve been my Faithy and my only Faithy for 14 years and I’m glad I got to grow up with you and learn all the crazy ways of Faith and Mori. The two names destined to be with each other. You’re the shit and I love you! You aren’t like all the other kids hoping for someone to write them a long paragraph but you love it when you get something like this out of the blue and I love you for that.

Carl you’ve definitely grown on me since we’ve grown up together but you smell nasty as shit. I love you tho Carl! You’re my boy 💕

“She coming through, she coming through. She sucking dick. She sucking dick. Suck my dick so fucking good, I’m like god damn you dirty bitch...you dirty bitch”-a poet🌸

Check list for Italy 🇮🇹 •Get coked outta your mind. •Pass out

August 26, one of the most worrisome days yet the happiest day of my life! One person in particular knows why.😊😋

I really needa work on posting on this account. Here's how I've been feeling lately.😊enjoy!

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