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~ Liv loved celebrating everyone’s birthday, even if she didn’t now the person, and I wish she was here today so I could make hers as amazing as she always made mine. I miss you more everyday Ro, especially your laugh, and I love you with my whole heart!!! Happy 17th birthday Ro Bear💛💛💛 #LiveLikeLiv #3livsandmona

~ What an amazing way to end a crazy competition season, it really has been hard this year without Ro and I wouldn’t have made it through without these girls and my teachers. I love them with my whole heart💕💕💕 ••• Lyrical got 2nd Overall, Jazz got 3rd Overall and Contemporary won the Senior Artistic Choreography award, I’ve never been more proud🎉🎉🎉

~ I had such an amazing birthday thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family, I can already tell 17 is going to be great 🎉🎉💕💕 ••• Also these photo’s are from awhile ago but I love them so enjoy😊😊

~ I had the best weekend in Logan thanks to my awesome friends and studio, I love all these girls so much and I’m so lucky to be able to dance with them every week💕💕

~ 5 day with Natalie was not long enough. I miss you so much already, come back soon❤️❤️

~ All I post about is dance but we killed it today at our first comp of the season. Jazz and Lyrical both got first Overall and Contemporary got first place😊😊💕💕

~ Turns out nothing can stop us from having a good Christmas recital❤️❤️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

~ I’ve never had more fun ice skating then tonight even if it was super cold 💙⛸❄️

~ Meet Mofo, my little kitty that loves to purr and chew on everything💓💓

~ I’ll never forget your laugh and goofy smirk, or your need todo cartwheels and handstands every second at dance. The way you could convince me to do anything, or how much you’ve supported and encouraged me with everything. How you made every boring class fun, and how you weren’t afraid to do anything or ask any questions. Lastly how you always would listen to me, and help me with anything, and how you were always there for me. In the last 8 years of being best friends you’ve shaped my life and made me a better person. I’m so lucky to have gotten to be close to you and see you grow. I love you with all my heart Ro Bear and I always will💕💕 #3LivsandMona #livelikeliv #oliviastrong

~ Ending the summer with a day at the lake boating, getting killed tubing, doing very bad flips and meeting a snake that we named Fred, and I got to do it with my best friends☀️🌊💕Ps. That’s just water from my swimsuit on my shorts😂😂

~ Everything was like a childhood dream come true at the Museum of Ice Cream💕💕🍦🍦

~ It only took 7 days for San Francisco to become my favorite place. I can’t wait to come back many many times💓💓🌁🌁😊😊

~ Took me 16 years but I finally made it to the ocean💕💕🌊🌊

~ This has been the best year ever. I competed my first solo, which I choreographed on my own, I helped teach the cutest little girls, I had amazing teachers who I love and I got closer with so many others girls from my studio. Sadly it’s the last year I get to dance with the amazing Rachel, who I’ve become so close with in the last 2 years it kills me to see her go. Most importantly I got to dance every week with my closet friends and I made memories I’ll cherish forever💕💕😆😆

~ Summers gonna be a blast with the three cutest girls around😊😊💕💕

~ Our last competition was bitter sweet, but I wouldn't trade this season or my studio for the world❤️❤️😊😊

~ Thank you everyone that made my birthday special, 16 is definitely going to be a good one🎉🎉❤️❤️ • These are pictures from when I went sledding a week ago, enjoy😊😊

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