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thanks for never turning down the opportunity to go to a blues game with me, and for joining my family for our day full of spooky easter traditions the day after game 6 😍😉👻

who do y’all think will be the first to score a Blues goal tonight? 💙💛 #LGB #stlblues

i’m so in love with you, @twelcher15. my best friend, my love, my person. i’ll never ever get over how lucky i am. i prayed and prayed to God that one day i’d find a strong, happy relationship, and He sent you and blew any of my expectations out of the water. you make me the happiest i’ve ever been and i hope i can make you even a fraction of how happy you make me. 💙 i love youuuuu & can’t wait to watch the blues game with you tonight

need missouri weather to stop playing with my feelings so i can have more lake days THX

GIVEAWAY TIME! | In celebration of our St. Louis Blues making the playoffs, I’m doing my own giveaway featuring some genuine gear from the St. Louis Blues official team store, STL Authentics! The only thing better than Blues gear is free Blues gear 😍 One lucky winner will receive 🏒 - One (1) St. Louis Blues logo cuffed beanie 🏒 - One (1) St. Louis Blues lanyard 🏒 - One (1) St. Louis Blues can cooler 🥤 - One (1) Smoothie King gift card ($10 value) To enter this giveaway, here’s what you need to do: - Follow me AND @stlouisblues AND @stl_authentics - Like this post - Tag THREE friends in the comments (For each additional friend you tag, you will receive an extra entry.) For even MORE chances to win, head over to my Twitter (@MOGirlProbs), follow me, and Retweet and Like the tweet pinned to my profile regarding this giveaway! ***Giveaway ends April 14, 2019 at 11:59pm central time | Winner will be randomly selected*** GOOD LUCK 😍 Also: Keep an eye out for a Cardinals giveaway happening VERY soon 😉 #giveaway #stlblues #stlouisblues #LGB Disclaimer: This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed or endorsed by Instagram

jason is absolutely the superior welch brother

my face when tom tries to order pineapple on pizza. pineapple (and i cannot stress this enough) does NOT belong on pizza. agree or disagree? LET’S ARGUE

i’ve taken a lot of time to reflect today, and i’m having trouble coming up with words that accurately represent how i’m feeling and how grateful i am for this weekend. going to @thesisterhoodretreat is one of the best decisions i’ve made in a long time. i’m so appreciative of the opportunity to grow personally and learn more about myself, grow my relationship with God, and meet a group of such strong and empowering women. this weekend was painful, inspiring, and life changing. thank you so much to @syddkell for making this happen and i’m so happy and proud to have been a part of it. 💕

we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. it’s scary to take risks, try new things, and push boundaries, but that’s where growth and magic happens. staying in your comfort zone is stagnant. when we’re outside of our element is when we will experience ourselves the most. 👏🏻 try new things and stop hindering your own growth. and for the love of god, stop limiting yourself because of what other people have to say or because you’re scared of what they think. other people don’t have to live in your mind every day, you do. other people don’t pay your bills, you do. thank u so much for coming to my short ted talk. photo by the badass @tit.jpg styling by the wonderful @gracebutler.vintage

didn’t know how much i needed to be a part of a crowd of 20,000 people doing “so no one told you life was gonna be this way 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻” perfectly in unison until last night #90snight #stlblues

back & better

baseball is back and so is my hatred for having class/homework on game days. TIME TO FLY ladies and gents!!! #cardinalnation

took a lil modeling break but not to worry, we back p.s., i miss @ablondeswanderlust

don’t let this picture fool you, i have the flu but i wasn’t gonna let a 101° fever stop me from seeing my favorite country-rock band of all time. currently paying the price but it’s fine 👊🏻 thanks tom for surprising me with tickets 💕

taco bell: invented retro 90’s windbreakers

y’all ever just get bored and dye your hair brown?

when you ask God to help you grow, you have to remember it’s possible it may start raining

friendly reminder that you should never ever feel ashamed over the people, places, or things that you love and that inspire you. *as long as you’re not hurting anyone* you should never be ashamed of doing what makes you happy. nothing is “lame” or “stupid” if it brings you joy and sparks something genuine in you. if anything, you should be proud that you can see the good and potential in certain things when others might not. finding something that gets you excited about life is gooooood. hating on everything isn’t cool. caring about things is cool. letting people do what they want is cool. being pessimistic about anything and everything isn’t cool 💫 have a great week my dudes!!! unrelated, but LOVE my outfit ft @aubreysatticco 😍

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