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Let love lead💯

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Looking at the bright side 👀#drops🎤

There’s a message In the way a person treats u. Just listen 👂#drops🎤

Be soft,do not let the world make you hard,do not let pain make you hate,do not let the bitterness steal ur happiness #dropsmic🎤

Don’t stop until your proud #drops🎤

🍽🍹come join me

At some point in time,you are going to come into realization that u weren’t asking for too much!You have jus been asking the wrong person#drops 🎤

Hey 👋 babe!I’m on my way 👅#drops🎤

Sometimes you have to play the role of a fool,to fool those who think they are fooling you#drops🎤🖤

Faithful women wil give u so much of their attention,you might start thinking it’s because they hav no other options.truth is,they have plenty.they jus don’t entertain that sh**#drops🎤

It’s not how far,but how well#drops🎤🧐

Good morning🗺

If they say they can’t see you win!pls let them know that the world is difficult for the blind✌️#drops 🎤

It costs u nothing to lol🌸#drops 🎤

It's better to be alone than being with someone and stil feel alone 😍#drops🎤

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