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Alright this is the end of my 2 day spam and my last post of 2018! This year has been a year of realizations, I’ve learned more about myself and more about what I want for myself. I’ve made amazing new friends and strengthened the bond I had with old ones. 2018 showed me love and support and I can’t wait to manifest that into 2019. Thank you to all those who made this year for me 💛. Now 2019 we bout that action!!! (Side note how bad is Tay 😍)

I took these in MARCH and then just kept them on my phone and completely forgot about them smh 2019 I need to do better

💛💛 love y’all 💛💛 also if it isn’t already obvious, I’m basically posting all the pictures I’ve been meaning to post this year before 2018 runs out lol. That’s all for today folks! Be back tomorrow 🤗

This is my best friend/sister and I love her with my entire heart even though she stays tryna argue with me about stuff she’s clearly and obviously wrong about but I digress. Anyways, here are more pictures I forgot/was too lazy to post in the appropriate time frame. #dimplegang

Christmas was *insert number* days ago (idk what day it is at this point they’re all a blur) but ignore that/my inability to post pictures within the same two weeks i take them and enjoy this photo series of me falling in this snow globe type thing, I call it #AChristmasNightmare

This is the first of MANY Christmas pictures I’m about to throw at y’all. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. #MerryMerry #CountryChristmas #ChristmasButMakeItDuckDynasty

I went to see my big sis yesterday and I realized I’m slick a baddie and literally no one can tell me otherwise sorry

Ok so when are y’all gonna stop sleeping on the iconic plots/visuals/fits that old Nigerian movies gave us for free????

My Yé is different to your Ye.

Contrary to public belief, it’s not easy being this bourgeois

My car won’t start and I have to go to work tomorrow morning but here’s a picture of me

This is the only semi cute photo I got from homecoming weekend so ..... 🤷🏾‍♀️ (gsu students, do y’all know who won the game? 💀)

Someone is getting marriedddddd ❤️(ignore my demonic eyes)

“hey gorl ✨”

Throwback (I just realized I haven’t seen this shirt in a minute... WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES GOING)

Mfawa takes Clearwater beach (tune in at 1 pm for our season finale)

first things first: I deserve an award cause I can never take a picture and post on the same day smh taking the picture already takes long enough lol (side note: yes. this is the same picture with two different filters. I’m indecisive.) (side note x2: why does my face look like I’m being forced to smile smh)

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