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Living for my two beautiful girls 💞 Isaiah 53:5 Special needs teacher 🧩 @megrowlandphotography 📸

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My two biggest blessings. Thank you Jesus for my two beautiful girls. Being a mom is all I’ve ever wanted. In my heart I feel like I knew I would have girls. My best friends for the rest of my life ✝️ #blessed #thankyougod #beautifulgirls @spencerrowland2014

Happy 6 months to my sweet Kins💞 I really didn’t think my heart could love anyone else, until you. You’ve made my life complete, there’s really no other words other then you’re a miracle. You’re rolling, army crawling everywhere. You love naps and you’re the happiest after you just wake up. You love your sister so much and you think she’s a jokester. Thank you for blessing our lives in the best way. God gave me you 💕 #mykinneygirl #beautiful

Mamas girl 💞

Paisleys Portraits and mommy’s twin 📸🎀 blessed is an understatement. #photography #portraitphotography #mygirl #beautiful #kidsmodelingagency #kidsmodelsearch

Date night and seeing Captain Marvel..$100 later 🥨🍿

Ask GOD and you shall receive. I prayed for you both for so long. I’m so blessed to be your mama! #momofgirls #mybesties #sisters #lifewithpaisley #mykinneygirl

🍩 Donuts with Dad 🍩 #daddysgirl #cheesinhard

She was really into it, just sayin. #cheeks #meanmuggin

Today is day 7 of sleep training for Kinsley. We got rid of the Dock A Tot and she’s no longer swaddled with her arms in. She was sleeping great until tonight. It’s 1 am and as I listen to her cry I keep telling myself “keep her in there, let her cry it out a little longer” but what to me seems like an hour in reality has been 15 minutes. Well tonight for me the 15 minutes was too long. She was biting her knuckles (teething) and I know she’s uncomfortable. I’m her mom and I can tell that tonight this cry is different. I instantly start talking myself out of it, telling myself that I’m my own worst enemy and if I want her sleep trained then I should just suffer through it and let her cry. I start googling CIO methods and reading all the reasons why I should just stick it out. Then I realize..she’s MY baby. I’m her mommy. She’s in pain and she needs me tonight. I put my phone down and grab her. The minute she’s in my arms she’s sound asleep. I can’t help but wonder tonight why there’s such high expectations as women and as mothers to always try and be perfect. Nobody’s perfect. Maybe tonight I just took 10 steps backwards by holding her. But I realized I don’t care. Tomorrow is always a new day. She needed me tonight, and maybe I needed her. As I kiss her all over her face tonight I just want to embrace this moment together. We never get this quiet time together anymore. Do what makes you feel happy inside. I’m here to tell you we’re not perfect. But I bet you when your baby wakes up, they’ll think the world of you. Babies don’t keep, Good night 🌙💞 #motherhood #mommyingainteasy #goodnight #mybaby #momofgirls

Family day at Jekyll Island and Georgia Sea Turtle Center🐢👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Girls day at Jekyll Island today! Love my girls! 🐚 How is Paisley so tall? #blessedbeyondbelief #mykinneygirl #lifewithpaisley #nana @rhondafan #disneybaby

It’s cold here today so we brought out or Minnie suit 💞 #mykinneygirl #minniemouse #disneybaby

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