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You won’t want to miss next Saturday’s June 1st tour of Southampton Homes. This is the Southampton History Museum’s 10th anniversary, “Insider’s View” house tour and is a wonderful way to go behind the hedgerow to see true Southampton style living. More information and to purchase tickets is at the link on the top of the page here. You can also call the museum, 631-283-2494. For me this is the best way to kick off the summer!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. May your summer be filled with yachts, mansions and cocktails! The above Mansion was a true to life reality. It was the Bar Harbor, Maine summer estate of the Edward T. Stotesbury's. The two other photos are Whitemarsh Hall at Chestnut Hill, PA. and El Mirasol at Palm Beach, FL. Sadly all three of the Stotesburys magnificent mansions have been demolished.

@johnyunis John is a good friend of mine and he always finds the most beautiful images to share on his Instagram account. Here we have C.Z. Guest at her Palm Beach home, Villa Artemis. I recommend you follow @johnyunis for a daily taste of elegance. Photo: Slim Aarons

The entrance gates to Knollwood over the years. The first photo is a scene of the Meadowbrook Hunt posed in front of the gates. The second shows the gates when the estate was for sale in the 1950’s before being purchased by King Zog. The third shows the gates as they became vandalized and forgotten once the mansion was torn down. The last view shows them as the appear today after being restored and awaiting funds to replace the decorative lanterns. If only one could walk through the gates and be transported back in time to see the now gone Knollwood mansion. Also see the three previous posts and #mgalongislandsgoldcoastzog #gildedage #edwardianera #victorianage #gilded #edwardian #victorian #victorianhouse #victorians #victoriana #victorianarchitecture #gildedagemansion #gildedagemansions #americascastles #historichomes #oldhouses #longisland #longislandgoldcoast #goldcoastlongisland #patchli

All that now remains of the once stately Knollwood mansion. Bottom Photo: ScoutingNY More photos and ruin views can be seen at the link here on Also see the two previous posts and #mgalongislandsgoldcoastzog #gildedage #edwardianera #victorianage #gilded #edwardian #victorian #victorianhouse #victorians #victoriana #victorianarchitecture #gildedagemansion #gildedagemansions #americascastles #historichomes #oldhouses #longisland #longislandgoldcoast #goldcoastlongisland #patchli

“Knollwood” as seen in a 1920’s aerial. The previous post showed the mansion from a close-up view from the garden. The mansion once was part of a 260 acre estate, located at Muttontown, Long Island, NY. The estate and 60 room mansion was built around 1906 for financier Charles Hudson. Originally named, “Westbrook Farm”, the next owner, Gustavia Senff is believed to have renamed it, “Knollwood”. In 1951, the exiled King of Albania, King Zog buys the property. There is some mystery here that he seems to never have lived in it, but bought it as a safe haven while in exile, supposedly paying for it with a bucket of precious gems he escaped with from Albania according to local legend. A towering male guard in uniform watched over the estate for awhile then disappeared, leaving the estate unguarded. Soon discovered abandoned by the local children it became a fantastical playground to wander in and peek inside. But it didn’t take long for the mansion to become a ravaged wreck as some believed Zog left a fortune in treasure behind hidden in the walls. In 1955 the final owner, Landsdale Christie who had another large estate across the road buys the neglected estate and ruined mansion and demolished the house. All that remains are some very badly deteriorated terrace walls, foundations of outbuildings and the original entrance gates. The entrance gates #mgalongislandsgoldcoastzoggates for years stood overgrown and chained, making many wonder as they passed them on the busy road that they front what was once down that now overgrown driveway behind them. The property is now the Muttontown Preserve and open to the public to wander the grounds and stumble upon the remaining ruins to image the paradise that once was. Photo: Old Long Island. #gildedage #edwardianera #victorianage #gilded #edwardian #victorian #victorianhouse #victorians #victoriana #victorianarchitecture #gildedagemansion #gildedagemansions #americascastles #historichomes #oldhouses #longisland #longislandgoldcoast #goldcoastlongisland #patchli

In the photo above I had a little photoshop fun with a black & white vintage image of Knollwood at Muttontown, Long Island, NY. Demolished in the 1950’s but just imagine if it had survived and still looked like this. #mgalongislandsgoldcoast #mansionsofthegildedage #gildedage #gildedagemansion #oldhouses #mansions #classicist

Another view of the James Flood mansion, Linden Towers. In this view I especially like seeing the man in the lower left corner that shows how large the house really was. Demolished 1930’s. See previous post also.

Believe it or not, this amazing mansion once existed. The James Flood residence, Linden Towers was built at Menlo Park, California in the late 1870’s but only lasted just over 50 years being demolished in the 1930’s.

The mansion at Old Westbury Gardens is getting a facelift. A new roof and other restoration work.

@garylawrancearchitect I just posted some more images of the ongoing construction of Harbor Hill as a 3D model. Please take a look and follow the daily progress. #architecturalmodel #architecturalmodels #3dcomputermodel #3drendering #3drenderings #3drenderingservices

What does this castle in Ireland have to do with the story of the Howard Gould estate seen in the previous posts? When millionaires in the Gilded Age decided to build mansions for themselves they often looked to older European castles, palaces and country estates as inspiration. This photo here is of Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland. Mrs. Gould fell in love with this ancient castle and wanted her new home at Sands Point to be an almost exact copy, but larger. They hired architect, Abner J. Haydel who at the time had some prominence in the profession. He was engaged right after the Goulds bought the lands which eventually would be over 100 acres of waterfront on the Long Island Sound. Unfortunately it was not a good relation as the project dragged on with numerous schemes and revisions, never satisfyingly the Goulds. Eventually work stopped and the architect sued the Goulds for $30,000 for payment of work completed. The media of the day covered the lawsuit hearings and relished the sensational and frivolous details of the Goulds and their desire to create what the press dubbed, the largest mansion in America. After a lengthy battle the architect won the lawsuit and the Goulds went on to find a new architect, who also failed to satisfy the Goulds. Please see the second photo for a vintage view of Kilkenny Castle. To see previous posts about the Howard Gould mansion go to #mgagouldmansionshoward where they are in chronological order. #gildedage #edwardianera #victorianage #gilded #edwardian #victorian #victorianhouse #victorians #victoriana #victorianarchitecture #mgagouldmansions #gildedagemansion #gildedagemansions #americascastles #historichomes #oldhouses #longisland #longislandgoldcoast #goldcoastlongisland #patchli

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