Marima (@malekah_mary)

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lost my train of thought...🚆

Orange you glad to see me? I can’t Concentrate. With bits x. 🍊

your golden goose 🌞


tight jeans on so he see my sh*t

blow, by beyoncé

said he wants to be my only one?

global warming for the win 🤪

super rich kids w/nothing but fake friends

🍑 is fat, 🖼 is little

You think my work is art, and I think you're a work of art 💜

Life's great, I'm in Sweden or Copenhagen getting brain from a Dane 🤪

You ain’t got the drive, that’s why you’re in a drought

super cool kid(s)

wicked ♍️

Final Saturday: know that I kept it sexy, know that I kept it fun

Another Saturday: Alexa, play don’t hurt yourself

Saturday: Part 1

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