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First time not blacked out drunk on Hollywood blvd. on St. Patty’s day. I think I’ll be alright tho🏞💚 . . . . . . . #yosemitenationalpark #yosemitewaterfall #yosemitevillage #nationalparkusa #calilife #beautifulday #happystpatricksday

Sorry didn’t mean to make you gag this morning

#equalrights , #equalpay , #equaltreatment should not be crazy concepts in 2019, ya heard?

Nothing says I’m a LA bitch like a #selfie in the #urbanlights #artinstallation at #lacma 💡😉

Alright alright alright I’ll give in to the #10yearchallenge 😝 I thought about putting a glam pic as my 2019 but the right pic truly represents my growth the most. As you can tell... I’ve learned the right eyebrows to shape my face 😉 V important. Aside from that... real talk... I was the MOST insecure person growing up and could never step outside the house without makeup on ( I was 15 on the left ). I never loved my face, my body, or myself. What I’ve learned the past 10 years is that I want to be genuinely loved, for everything I am, and the only way to get that from people is to show them your true self. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think I’m a damn peach but some people will still not like peaches 🍑 I still love to do my makeup because it’s fucking fun to be glammed up BUT most days I’m bare faced or with minimal makeup (still gotta do the brows ya know) and I love it the most. I think I look the best in the right pic because it’s me and I damn well love me 😍❤️ #lovethyself #selfappreciation #agingchallenge

Always wanted me to be delicate like a flower but .... I’m more like a cactus 🌵A thorny survivor occasionally blossoming beautiful flowers and fruits.. on my own terms❤️ #sorrymom #fullofthorns #touchatyourownrisk #hardontheoutside #softontheinside

Asian Glow ✨

Thank you 2018... but NEXT 💋

Shhhhh not today Christine.....just be normal for a holiday photo 👩‍👧💝 #motherdaughter #happyholidays

“I’m not drinking until New Years Eve” - a direct quote from me yesterday 👀🤭

Falalalala la la la la 💝

So happy I ran into my beautiful friend @thetaracarbone , we haven’t seen each other in about 2 years but every time I run into you, we’re at a totally different stage in our lives and the conversations couldn’t be more interesting. I love seeing my friends grow and doing great things 💕

❤️ Happy Holidays from my family to yours ❤️#familygathering

Admiring the gorgeous scenery, breathing in fresh Pacific Ocean air, thinking life couldn’t get better than this! Seconds after.. a couple pulls up next to me “hey just wanted you to know your tires been smoking for the past 10 minutes.” Then proceeds to drive away offering no assistance 🤦🏻‍♀️ at least I got this pic 📸 #pch #bigsur #goldencoast #westcoastvibes #firstworldproblems

My mom took this pic of the Scott Monument while we were in Edinburgh and I’ve always thought it was super inspiring and emotional (don’t think she did it intentionally). I looked up the story behind it and my intuition was right, it IS as inspiring as this feels. • It’s 1836 in Edinburgh, a prestigious contest was held to design a monument honoring one of their most beloved writers, Sir Walter Scott. George Meikle Kemp, a nobody self taught architect that grew up in a small farm decided to enter the contest. He would be up against well known architects that went to fancy schools and knew, as a self taught artist (a joke), he wouldn’t even be able to enter, let alone win. So what does he do? He lied and entered under an alias because he knew if given an opportunity he would prove his worth. Surprise, he beat out his competition because his work was that good. Sometimes we just have to believe we are good enough and try even against all odds.👏🏻

Cue #narcosmexico theme song 💲

My parents stopped buying a tree for Christmas after I moved away, but there’s something about a decorated tree during the holiday season that just brightens up the day. So I spontaneously took my dad to a Christmas tree farm after hiking Big Basin to cut down this cute lil one yesterday 🌲💚 . (*Sorry to all tree people I’ve offended, I’ll plant one next year to replace this beautiful sacrifice*) . . . . . . #christmastreefarm #santacruzmountains #skylinedrive #xmastree🎄 #happyholidays

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