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Loved celebrating Brennan and @ellieswindoll last night with my smokin wedding date #RollinwiththeRosses

Guilty pleasure 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . . Starbucks while flying is just the goods to me. Although I get Starbucks anytime, it’s especially good while flying.

My mouth is watering all over again just looking at this 🤤

A glorious spring day with these 2

Having a contest to see who can stick their tongue out farther.. . . Ridge had a fun time with his Auntie Fran, although she might say otherwise. #RidgeRoss #goldendoodlesofinstagram #airedalesofinstagram

Didn’t get the chance to take a pic of my lobster tacos cause they got in my belly so fast.. . . Finally got to experience this place and I’d say it’s one of my new fav spots.

Stay tuned for the spring haircut coming for this shaggy kid later this week #RidgeRoss

For years to come, this time of year will always make me miss this side of the Atlantic.

It is my greatest earthly joy to be your wife. Grateful for this covenant that was created to model what is to come in our heavenly lives. #RollinwiththeRosses

The only way we know how to do a 75° day in February #RidgeRoss

184 days. 26 weeks. 6 months. Half a year. I love you more now than I did then, husband. #RollinwiththeRosses

Saturday to-do list: •spend time with Jesus•read a good book•chat with @ma_rosie on FaceTime•listen to husbands sermon•walk dog-child in the beautiful sun I ain’t mad about this day of rest in the slightest. #RidgeRoss

PSA: Lowe’s has better priced plants.

Eating our way through yet another city. Thanks for the grand scootin tour of ATL. • • • *edit: if any of you missed the vid of @miss.justine.olivia ridin’ dirty🎶 on her bird...I’m sorry.

Feeling extra thankful for FaceTime when I get to see this chunky girl and her mama.

I have been in this super unfamiliar, limbo season of life recently. Basically ever since Trell and I got married; transitioning to a new city and state physically but also mentally [haven’t moved permanently like this since I was 6 years old and let me tell you, it is WAY different]; learning what it looks like to go from long distance gf/fiancé to wife [now not only in the same city but in the same house]; trying to figure out how to proceed with vocational desires and dreams and therefore doing a job in the meantime that I don’t feel well suited for long-term. Initially, all the things changing my earthly circumstances really distracted me from heavenly things. I got really frustrated and annoyed that I felt so disconnected from God and even when I did call out, I couldn’t hear a thing, any sort of direction or reassurance. So I began leaning towards apathy. And then I started taking so many things personally - getting upset at little criticisms [that were actually things I needed to hear so I could change it for the better]. Then a really good husband & wife conversation happened and I was convicted about forgetting the image I was created in. Forgetting that really our whole lives should kind of feel like this season of limbo because what we do here on earth is not the goal. What we do here on earth is everything in preparation for the goal. What we do here on earth is the sanctifying process that is necessary to get to the goal. Our earthly lives are a sanctification limbo. • Now don’t hear me wrong or read what you want to read out of this. Marriage is and has been SO GOOD - other than the changes of learning how to be a good and better wife each day, it is the only unchanging part about this season of waiting and it is so joy-filled. And while the season of transition was frustrating at first, it’s a season of great peace, eagerness and expectation for what the Lord is working on. • So while I still have no idea what ANY of these things I’m transitioning into will ultimately look like or when the transition phase will be over [which, let’s be real, will probably be at different times for each thing]...-

Mood about 2018. Ready to take on 2019 as the wife to the greatest man. #RollinwiththeRosses

Imagine the scene: shepherds on the midnight watch, ears and eyes open for signs of danger, sheep bleating in the background. And then out of nowhere, an angel of the Lord burst onto the scene with news of the Saviors birth. It is amazing that God chose this group of men as the first to hear the good news. In the time of Jesus’ birth, people regarded shepherds as liars and thieves. Yet it was to men such as this that God announced the Messiah’s coming. He told them first! Not royalty, not the religious leaders, not the people who had their lives all perfectly put together, but shepherds - lowly and insignificant. He invited them into His story and then mobilized them as the first evangelists. || We are like these men - unlikely recipients of an unbelievable reality. Just as God called the shepherds to witness and testify to Christ’s birth, so we are called to herald the saving work of His death and resurrection. We should respond to the gospel in the same way the shepherds did when they witnessed the Saviors birth - with amazement, belief and action. || Borrowed from the 2017 Advent Study by The Village Church. I couldn’t not share. || Merry Christmas!

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