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It's scary. It's downright terrifying, showing your work to the world. When I sat down to watch Everyone Is Doing Great last Sat. in NYTVF, I was coming out the other side to one insane year. I got thrown from a horse & fractured vertebrae in my spine & could not walk for two weeks followed by months in physiotherapy. To say the least, I had forgotten how to laugh & find the humour in the embarrassing moments in life. Last Saturday, thanks to Everyone Is Doing Great, I found my laugh again & my ability to grab the humour in every situation. To place the enormity to what the guys are doing with EDG in to perspective on a smaller scale, I made my own short film this year from pre production to post production with no crew & practically no budget. It was stressful, long hours & very little sleep. That's how I get the mountain in work that @jameslafferty & @stephencolletti placed in to EDG. To do what they did, takes an incredible amount in work ethic, talent, investment & mainly guts. They created a piece that was so gut wrenchingly honest & yes hilarious too. Yet it was not the hilarity factor that drew me in, it was the struggle. That universal struggle. The one that even if you are not in the film industry, you would be able to relate too. Whether that struggle is within relationships, work & even the inner struggle within yourself, EDG creates a world that will surprise you with how you catch glimpses to your own life's struggles. Yes EDG is hilarious & I promise if you only watch to get comedic relief, you won't be disappointed. Yet if you scratch the surface to EDG, you would be backing a show that's got heart & truth & is not scared to show the audiences everything. The pilot is amazing & these guys want to share an entire season with you guys. Please back these talented guys & they will take you an incredible journey.

Joy and I with the signature hair move!! #NewYork #MissNaley #NaleyLove #FWTP

Missing One Tree Hill!!

Daphne is such a kind soul so down to earth!! My first time meeting Daphne and I love that Daphne commented that I was wearing the necklace Sophia wore in One Tree Hill the North Carolina one!! And we were talking about Daphne's dogs and she is such an incredible actress!! #IHopeSheGoesToFWTP4 #Bitchtoria

Meeting this incredible human again is such a dream come true!! The most down to earth guy and so hilarious!! I'm so glad I did the meeting room with him!! I HOPE he does #FWTP4!! #ILiveInJames'Phone #BlameJamesLafferty #Love #SeeYouNextTime


This beyond AMAZING human being!! I love him beyond belief and I hope he comes to more OTH conventions!! He is hilarious and so grateful!! #OneTreeHillforever #OTHfamily

My #wcw forever I love Hilarie more than words can describe it was the BEST meeting Hil at FWTP and FWTP2!! She is the kindest women ever!! Hope she comes to FWTP3 and Return To Tree Hill!! #OneTreeHillforever # OTHfamily

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