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Let this be our year baby 😍

Saw this cute ass stranger at a park, needed a picture with him. 😍😂

I find it funny The lights we shone burn us out So I just keep running But I can't catch this horizon And it's always just further than I No, it never ends I fear what I'm dreaming of I know it feels like heaven when you are lost And it feels like I'm out of time It feels like an end I can't override No not this time In the beginning We always dreamed to be where we are now The human condition We chase lines that we redefine So close but still so far

Number 5 😋

Today is day where we celebrate mothers. There is a lot of children out there without their mothers and I was fortunate enough to have you come back into my life 8 years ago. I honestly have no idea where my life would be without you now. You always put your kids first and that's why you're such an amazing mother. Not only are you an amazing mother but you're beautiful, talented, and bright. You bring a smile to everyone who is around you. I appreciate everything little thing you do to help me out and I can't thank you enough. Happy Mothers Day mum, I love you 💞

And I've been trying to dig my way out of the ocean And punch a hole in the sky And flood the light through to midnight Drops making waves in the ocean ~EDEN

And all we ever wanted Was sunlight and honesty Highlights to wanna repeat Let's get away from here and Live like the movies do I won't mind when its over At least I didn't think for a while So let's run Make a great escape And I'll be waiting outside for the getaway It doesn't matter who we are We'll keep running through the dark And all we'll ever need is another day We can slow down cause tomorrow is a mile away And live like shooting stars 'Cause happy endings hardest to fake ~EDEN

"It's been a long long time, We've come a long long way No, I cant see the finish line Scared half to death but that's okay It's been a long long night After a long long day My body's aching but I know somehow My feet will find a way So I'll sing it loud in the silence And give the best of me 'Til it's alright, but not over I will find fight like a soldier coming home In the silence But I have never felt so free The future's so bright This is our time I'mma live it how I dream It's been a long long time Since I've seen sunlight through the rain Since I've felt love or truth, It's strange But I left bliss back where I came And I wont lie It's taken so long to feel okay And now the world is screaming out for more But I don't feel the same" ~EDEN

No more green hair. I think I may stay blonde for a while 😊

Beautiful fur babies ♡♡♡

These two pictures definitely describes us 😍😂 I love this girl so much, she is everything to me.

The whole fam bam 😍 God they are so big already 😭

Well, the big 21 is coming to an end but it is not over. Partying it up this weekend! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes 😚 I had an amazing day at work and after. Probably my best birthday so far 😄

Most people go to bars to get their first legal drink when turning 21. But me, I had to go to a dispencery for the first time 😄😂

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. 🌙☄

February 27th, 1941 to November 1st, 2016. I love and miss you so much grandpa ♡ I will forever have a memory of you on my arm now♡♡♡

These plastic dreams of TV screens and radios Pretending everything is what it seems These plastic dreams are all I know Would someone wake me up from all these plastic dreams

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