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No matter how long I’ve lived here, Colorado will always amaze me. 💫⛰

Ever wonder if angels actually exist? Well they do, it’s my girl LJ. Thank you for all you’ve done, beautiful. I love you 🤩💓

from surprising me with a new chromebook, after knowing how sad I was when my last one broke, then surprising me with meeting the cutest kangaroos ever, renting a house for us for the night & finally... bringing me to the theater. somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. you’re the greatest, @mizzouguyjh. you have made this christmas the best one so far, and it isn’t even christmas yet. thank you. ❤️ #boyfriendofthecentury

Picking only 10 things to post was the most difficult thing ever. But tonight, finally, after nearly 6 years of being in love with twenty one pilots... I saw them perform live. It was by far the most unique, beautiful and original concert I’ve ever seen. The time, effort and importance TØP, their crew and everyone else around them put into this show, and the rest of the shows is so special. The connection I felt to them, to their lyrics was unlike anything I’ve felt listening to them in my headphones. No music, until theirs, has made me feel the way that I do. If you’re a fan of them, go to a concert. Doesn’t matter where you sit because this band goes out of their way to include everyone. You’ll feel welcomed, loved and important. “We are twenty one pilots, and so are you.” Thank you Tyler and Josh for changing my life these past few years and giving me a night I’ll remember, discuss and want to repeat forever. Your music and your performances are truly magical. Thank you. ||-// 🖤💛🎹🥁✨ #banditotour #twentyonepilots #banditodenver #tylerjoseph #joshdun

😍😭 #corefour

I’m obsessed with my camera and my dog. 😍

Happy birthday to mah fam. You’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m lucky af to have you as my best friend. Have a lit ass 21st! Even tho you‘ll be spending it like a normal day and not really celebrating 😂🙄 “Just the keys” I luh u, G-Dizzle. ❤️🍝🦖🔥

Is it possible to be so attached to a shirt? 😍🤪🙌🏼

Who’s with me

I follow 420 people on here so I’m gonna use that as a reason to post about the Avengers.... 7 more dayzzzzz. #infinitywar

It’s after midnight so I wanna wish one of my favorite people a happy birthday 🎉 Lyssa, you’re so wonderful and always know how to make me laugh. You deserve the best, have a lit af Friday the 13th camping trip birthday vacation, I love you 😎💞

I’ve dyed my hair 4 times this year and it’s only March... Idk how I’m not bald yet


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