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Green Bay music/art collective Mystery Gang... P.S. check out my album, the links below


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Should I shave my head again I looked like goddamn Brad Pitt

This is how I feel every time I leave school

Life is completely kaleidoscopic at times

How does the sky do the amazing shit that it does?

I miss nights like these, partying and freestylin with OG Mystery Gang peoples

You got the light, count it all joy You got the right to be mad But when you carry it alone you find it only getting in the way They say you gotta let it go Now tell 'em why you mad son Cause doing it all ain't enough 'Cause everyone all in my cup 'Cause such and such still owe me bucks So I got the right to get bucked But I try not to let it build up I'm too high, I'm too better, too much So I let it go, let it go, let it go

Check out my new track pimp. On SoundCloud it’s some wild shit #mystery gang

Who’s this sexy mf right here?

It feels so surreal puttin these numbers up weekly, I mean it it’s not much yet but it’s a lot more than I had ever expected and I love all the support from my friends family and fans it’s so fucking wild

Even though I didn’t win I’m glad I did the talent show cause this was my first time ever publicly performing, it was a surreal experience, I just got up on stage and winged it with no practice and no prior insight as to how it would feel so I think I’m dope as fuck rn 〽️🌀 shit ya dig

We’re operating on a higher vibrational frequency now and props to whoever knows who this is cause this man was a strong force in this world #dickgregory

It’s crazy looking at my progress and recognizing that I did this on my own with no marketing team, no fancy music equipment, this journey started on GarageBand on my iPhone and I know 327 followers doesn’t seem like a lot but to me it’s so surreal knowing that many people dig my music even though it’s still raw as hell, I’m just excited to see what the future has in store P.S. thank you to the people who already see and respect the vision〽️🌀

Heathens backs dey pon de wall

Yo y’all have no idea how amazing this is to me, solange likes my tweet

Check out my new track on SoundCloud it’s called Whatever. And it’s fuckin dope so yeah share it and what not, even if you feel like you don’t know me and it would be awkward or something still share it

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