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Beautifully African

We keep taking about globalisation and it’s impact on the world economy and the increasing amount of diversity within people . No one talks about the disadvantages of all these elements where we have sick individuals within our midst who do really really bad things that projects an image of what a whole culture is . Let’s do better as individuals and help globalisation

Dear Woman , God created you so that you can create you have that power . 🦋💙

I have a beautiful bond with a particular beach in Ras al Khaimah . I always feel inspired by its beauty each time I go

Yesterday I was watching Red table Talk the one which featured Wale in it and got inspired by Jada’s way of describing love and how loving yourself will help you love others . Allowing others go through their journey will enable you to go through yours and meet them at the middle now that’s love .

Bloom where you are watered .

Having a stereotypical perspective of a whole group of people can impact on the viewpoint you have on them which excludes them from their fundamental human rights . Be wary of excluding people . Be more inclusive in your perspective

Everyday is about love , don’t let society fool you to think love should be celebrated mostly just on a particular day . Be a lover of everything and everyone . Be hope in this dying world and be light to your soul .

We should be more human and less savage to one another.

We as humans subconsciously love to conform and be in groups.We love to have a sense of belonging even if it’s wrong . Don’t mould yourself into someone you’re not

Life is full of opportunities and choices . Whatever you decide becomes YOU and whatever you inhale becomes YOU . I’m nothing but a motivator and I hope you become motivated to be YOU

Growing up my brother loved white I always taught it was such a plain and simplistic colour but I realised it’s a way of living and that’s how I want to live .

Alhamdulilah I did 🎓🎓🎓. I never post my pictures but wanted to showcase my accomplishments without my knowledge the poems wouldn’t be as vast ♥️

These moments that life happens within its beautiful frequencies are fragments of my life blooming

I heard you love poems which beats in love and guess what I’m a poet who beats in love

Be as you should be . Grow as you should and love as you should . Come alive as you should . Happy New Year

Let time meet you this year . Let life happen to you don’t try to predict time and what it supposedly means .

Merry Christmas to all my Christian followers . Jingle bells will always be at your feet and may you blossom from old bells to new bells .

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