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We intertwine within life’s moments . She is me and I am her in a continuum

We keep trying so hard to do as the earth does and the earth has little to no care for us .we will drown and she will be here always

We go through life looking for it’s essence and we put pressure on others to redefine what life means .I’m here to tell you we all don’t know the answers all these theories and motivations are a scam . Look for realism and that’s where you can find people who are moving just life you to understand life’s battles

I came across a quote by Putin which stated ‘ if a person is satisfied with everything he is an idiot and a normal person can never be satisfied with everything ‘ . Which inspired this and it’s true , you have to know what is taken and given to you because you know it’s value on your life that’s IF YOU KNOW it’s value .

We are the people of thousands of years ago who ended and began again . Whatever comes , comes trough clear

The world is a beautiful place to be in open your eyes and see it’s beauty and you belong within this beauty

The most heartbreaking thing to happen to an individual is knowing that people keep dying and leaders keep gambling with our future and sustainable needs and development . When we have genuine citizens who have passion for people . I’m one of those citizen

Beautifully African

We keep taking about globalisation and it’s impact on the world economy and the increasing amount of diversity within people . No one talks about the disadvantages of all these elements where we have sick individuals within our midst who do really really bad things that projects an image of what a whole culture is . Let’s do better as individuals and help globalisation

Dear Woman , God created you so that you can create you have that power . 🦋💙

I have a beautiful bond with a particular beach in Ras al Khaimah . I always feel inspired by its beauty each time I go

Yesterday I was watching Red table Talk the one which featured Wale in it and got inspired by Jada’s way of describing love and how loving yourself will help you love others . Allowing others go through their journey will enable you to go through yours and meet them at the middle now that’s love .

Bloom where you are watered .

Having a stereotypical perspective of a whole group of people can impact on the viewpoint you have on them which excludes them from their fundamental human rights . Be wary of excluding people . Be more inclusive in your perspective

Everyday is about love , don’t let society fool you to think love should be celebrated mostly just on a particular day . Be a lover of everything and everyone . Be hope in this dying world and be light to your soul .

We should be more human and less savage to one another.

We as humans subconsciously love to conform and be in groups.We love to have a sense of belonging even if it’s wrong . Don’t mould yourself into someone you’re not

Life is full of opportunities and choices . Whatever you decide becomes YOU and whatever you inhale becomes YOU . I’m nothing but a motivator and I hope you become motivated to be YOU

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