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Look on the bright side

4am wake ups used to literally make me want to cry. 😴😴 But today a very playful baby did not want to go back to sleep after her bottle and you know what? I am still going strong at 1030! Why do I drink my #mamafuel everyday? Because first of all it gives me the all day energy I need to keep up with a 6 month old that lately - just. doesn’t. stop. 🙌 Second👇🏻 ⭐️it gives me a better outlook and mood + the patience I need ⭐️it balances my hormones ⭐️it helps me not crave junk I shouldn’t eat! 🍟🍭🍩(Because let me tell you - I LOVE carbs and french fries and sweets and the list could go on..) ⭐️I don’t crash mid-morning or afternoon. #sahmlife is busy and sometimes tough but this helps 💪 ⭐️it boosts my metabolism and is good for my gut. #guthealthmatters because it all starts in the gut. ⭐️it balances my blood sugar -which leads to a healthier me all around (bye bye migraines 👋) ⭐️its all-natural, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, no artificial anything 🌿 #killingit #natural #guthealth #energyboost #metabolismbooster

👉Not that long ago I hated posting pictures of myself, or even worse people posting pictures of me 😖 any picture I did post I made sure was cropped and only showed me from the shoulders up because I didn’t want anyone to see me. I was uncomfortable with the extra baby weight and felt horrible about myself. I was puffy everywhere and I looked exhausted. I was embarrassed but even worse I felt terrible. And it wasn’t just because of the weight. I was sick too.😷 I was having right around 15 migraine days in a month- half of the month I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was nauseous almost always and dizzy to the point I was afraid to carry my daughter or drive long distances. When i heard about plexus I was initially pretty skeptical because I’d heard it all before. But trusting myself to put my health first and give it a try was the best decision I ever made. I feel strong and energetic. My migraine days are cut down to 4-5. I can enjoy time Penelope and not long for naps or days to rest up. And the baby weight is coming off finally, which is really just an added bonus to feeling healthier. Plexus has seriously changed my life and I’m so glad i took a chance to be healthier. And here I am posting a selfie in a tank top not a big baggy sweatshirt!! So why is balancing our blood sugar and taking care of our gut so important? 🌻reduce inflammation 🌻balance hormones 🌻lose weight 🌻stabilize mood 🌻reduce sugar cravings 🌻increase energy It took me years to try, and 2 months to feel like myself again finally. So take a chance on your health; you’re worth it. #loveyourgut #guthealth #naturalhealth #plantbased #plexusjourney #loveyourself #triplex #plexuspinkdrink #inflamation #weightloss

Penelope’s first trip to EAA

This girl. She is 1000x cooler than me 🦄🧚‍♀️☠️

First time in the big girl stroller Love getting to enjoy afternoons like these with my girl #shades😎 #mindonmybottlebottleonmymind #greatday

Summer Belly Buster Challenge! Do it with me! 💪👙 I’ll be having a fun and easy 5 day challenge starting May 13th. Get your orders in with me by May 11th, so I can get you your product in time! Whatever your summer goals are, let’s get ready before the summer hits!! Burn fat, slim down, get ready for those summer beach vacations! Who’s in??? 👇👇 let me know below!

A messy baby is a happy baby #firstfoods #eatingsolids #biggirl

I didn’t start Plexus to lose weight. I didn’t want “just another fad” and I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. As a new mom I wanted relief from the lack of sleep, the lack of energy, and the over all feeling of just not feeling great. 🤢 Since starting my metabolism is boosted, I have SO much energy even with multiple wake ups with my baby at night, and I have lost weight (which is just an added bonus really) - but my body just feels better 💪 I’ve got some great things in store for you - let’s get started 🥰🌿 #plexus #plexusslim #plexustriplex #guthealth #plexusworks #plexuspinkdrink #plexusrocks

Mommy’s Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

This little sweet P is 6 months old already!! Clearly much more interested in playing with the number blocks than having her picture taken 😜

Easter Blessings from ours to yours 💕

Easter 🐣

Bedtime stories


Happy Birthday Grandma Lady 94 years young.

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