Barely On Earth💭🏹 (@just_muffy)

🇦🇬/🇬🇧📍🍎 Future Psychologist👩🏻‍🏫 #Actress,#VideoFeatModel #VH1 #MTv2 #106nPark, CEO: @Magnolibundles

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True To My Oath & Proud Of My Growth🌱👏🏼✅🔋 Bare As You Dare #ImaAnnoyYall😅 #Money #TrueNatural #NoMakeup #TownBoyAtHeart #TownBoy #True #Melanin #Black

You Glow Different When You’re Doing Better. Realize “Unchanged Behavior Is A Form Of Manipulation & Everything Is Seasonal All The Way Down To The Humans” #BeGoodEnjoy #Plants 🌱Don’t Grow Without The #Water 💧@inayah_lamis #True

The Sweetest Thing I Ever Known Is Like Kisses On Your Collarbone🤤.... #MakeUpByMe

Couldn’t Tell If It Was Anything, I Just Like To Mind My Business B‼️ #OrderingFood🥘

Never Let A Man’s Disrespect, Let You Start Disrespecting You It’s Been A While Since I Post Something Original .....

I Ain’t Moving Weight But Im In A Dope Position, Work Hard Just To Get Half Back ✅

Even My Eye Color Switches Up On Me How You Think My Trust Is .... #true

Just Bc I Play It Mellow Don't Think That You Betray Me... Everything Ain't Worth Discussing...🚯

My Favorite Person In The World 🌎 @flexxmaddhouse ❤️ Happy Bday To Us....

Everybody Has A Chapter They Refused To Read Out Loud.... But Yet So Eager To Pick The Pages Out Your Book! I Got To Another Year So That Means Another Page 🎂‼️ #NoMakeUpStillKill

Someone Once Told Me Never Tell Anyone Yah Next Move Bc It Could Be Their Next Idea 💡

But Wat You Think About Me? Anything I Put On, It Be Ode Got U Guess’n Why She Smiling 🗣That’s All Me #WildThought😅 #TBT

Wat You Think Of Me Is Wat YOU! Think Of Me, Wat I Think Of MYSELF IS EVERYTHING!!.... #InnaRealLife #WorkFlow

U Can Tell Ppl Jealous Bc Their Movements Be Off & If Its "All Love" TF! Is You Doing It For #IfEyesCouldKill

Ppl Can PinPoint Everything Wrong About U & You Acknowledge It, But When It Come’s To Them The Pen Don’t Work..... #ThisBoutAhBihh

Don’t Pull Up On My Current....🌊 Must Be Somethin In The Yellow Nail Polish

Look In Yo Eyes That Shit Is Dangerous😏 #SittinPretty💅🏼

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