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Respect is love in plain clothes 😍

I did it


It just began Welcome 2019 #nightlifedubai

I am going to do dessert safari forever. The second time and I feel like it's not enough. I still get so scared. Plus the dinner @oasisluxurycamps in Dubai is life. Ps. I didn't take the first two pictures. It's courtesy of @google

Everyone chases happiness , but only few people understand where it comes from😍 Happy new year my people


Joy joy joy😍

They don't know about your sad days. All they see is a smile and they think you are happy. They don't know about the wet pillows since you cry yourself to sleep. They don't know about the sleepless nights where you didn't know what tomorrow has for you. They neither know about the heart aches and things you have been through just to make those you loved happy. They don't know about the things you been through that you will never get over no matter what. 😪 All they know is sit and wait for you to fuck up so they be happy and do what they have always wanted to do. And if you don't fuck up, they have a way of making everything your mistake. And make sure the smile you had fades away. But they don't know that they are non factors, they don't know how you rule over your world like a queen👑. They don't know how you can keep your head higher and never look back. So 2019 let's leave those people in 2018, we have happiness, and 💰 to make. Happy 2019 Y'all Oh and yes I had to rant in my captions. It's allowed🤐🤐🤐

How I am going to walk into 2019.

2018 has been the most difficult year in my life's alot has happened. Alot of sad stuff. 2019 please aki please. Do me good

Happiness really does look great on me. You only get that glow when you use @garnierkenya micellar water. The one with a pink cap has been my life. PS I do not have foundation on😋 that's all @garnierkenya micellar water glow.

My new favourite sound is walking away from things that nolonger serve me 🤨🤨 #glowingandgrowing

The best stories are found between the pages of my passport 😋

Life happens, coffee helps😍

The best makeup is your smile🙂 there is no beauty like the one that comes from inside you❤️

I deserve the world so imma give it to myself🌸

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