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Happy to have a poem in the latest issue of Cirque! When Trump won (or perhaps stole) the 2016 elections I went back to two pieces by Ursula K. Le Guin for guidance: “California as a Cold Place to Be” and “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.” Le Guin’s writing gives me hope in dark times because she reminds me that change happens in a spiral not in a direct line and that even when too many around us choose numbness over the hard work of love—love for even the child in the basement, especially for the child in the basement, there are always those who choose to walk toward something different than numbness, with the faith that this something will be better than the system, the Omelas, that we have now. After Le Guin died earlier this year I spent two months re-reading her work and composing this cento poem from fragments of her nonfiction. Thank you to Cirque journal for publishing “The Vigil for Omelas”—and for choosing such a sweet purple for the cover of their fall issue. . . . #PNWwriters #amwriting #binders #UrsulaKLeGuin #CirqueJournal #Omelas #theVigilforOmelas #writersresist #purple #princingit #poetry #centopoem

Just finished reading this book by @ejrdavidphd and I feel so grateful for this work. It’s Between the World and Me for Filipinx and Native/First Nation families, and the one of the only nonfiction books Ive read that deals with historical trauma from a Filipino-American perspective. It also models a beautiful anti-machista pro-feminist way of thinking and fathering as a Filipino man. I’ll be reviewing it so if you have any outlet recommendations let me know! . . . . #amreading #amreviewing #binders #FilAmMentalHealth #CNF #healingtrauma #decolonization

Pilipino soul food for all souls day - eat up spirits! And my new altar (thank you Teo and Juan) with my dearies BJ, Ruby, my Dad, Tita Emmy and Alana. 🙏🏽😇

Its heavy times and the world lost a beautiful light bearer this weekend. Rest in pleasure Rest in power Alana Devich Cyril. Do you know those people who have a gift for breaking ice, melting walls, and basically making you feel like your weird awkward insecurities are both (a) welcome here and (b) unneeded - you can leave them at the door? For me there’s not many people who can do that but Im pretty sure she was like that for everyone she knows. Here she is at brunch with me and @originalsonnie and with her Knight soulmate @culturejedi, beaming sweetness on my baby Teo. All my prayers up as she crosses the shore and sending all my strength and kinship Malkia Devich Cyril in this time of unfathomable loss. . . . . . #MittsandMuffyForever #NoGreaterLove #TeamMittsandMuffy

The fluidity of sex as well as gender has been recognized in many cultures since ancient times. Many scientists recognize this fluidity may actually be built into human biology. If anyone needs references or links let me know and I will send them to you. In the meantime - THIS. truth and beauty from the one and only @micahbazant: “As trans people we birth ourselves into existence through imagining. We create worlds through our language and art and care. We build refuges, worlds that have a place for us. We imagine worlds we haven’t seen yet, worlds that treasure trans people of color. We need you to imagine and build with us now. - Support trans POC led groups like BreakOUT, Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative - SNaP Co., TGI Justice Project (TGIJP), Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, Trans Justice Funding Project & Borealis Fund for Trans Generations. - Cis people, please please educate yourselves & your friends. Make sure your work has an anti-discrimination policy including sex and gender. Hire trans people. - Vote - Support bail funds and trans prisoners:,,,, Image description: Brightly colored painting of a crowd of people with a Black trans femme in the front. She is wearing an orange skirt and a green top with her hands and fingers outstretched to the sides. Her hair is radiating out into blue clouds and she is surrounded in an outline of light. Behind her is a crowd of people, mostly people of color, of different ages, genders, sizes and abilities. At the top is text saying: "We Defend Our Trans Family." We have always existed. We outlast empire. We #WontBeErased. ty co-conspirators including Prerna Sampat, Kemi Alabi, Diana Lugo-Martinez, Forward Together ✨ . . . . #BlackTransLivesMatter #TransIsBeautiful #YesOn3MA #WeWontBeErased #trans #transgender #art

When your lil person goes out of their way to roll over all the leaves 🍁 you know they’re getting the hang of fall #redcarpet #crunch #4forever

This is today! Happy to get some lit therapy reading with these amazing womxn at LitCrawl Seattle tonight. Ill be reading a lyric piece about neoliberalism and climate disaster and a cento poem in tribute to Ursula K. LeGuin - and it’s all happening in an old mortuary with a full bar. Happy Thursday! . . . . . #LitCrawlSeattle #amwriting #WOCwriters #pinebox #amreading @anneliukellor @casandramlopez @maritesszurbano

Remembering Standing Rock on Indigenous People’s Day - I stand committed to the struggle to defend the sacred and to lifting up the work, lives and art of indigenous people. #indigenouspeoplesday #defendthesacred #indigenousrising

Resistencia Coffee - South Park

Comics and kix cereal and a kid who got enough sleep to wake up de buen humor. Sunday mornings are the best. Its nice to be back home with my guys. #latergram #latepost

Kickin it after the Reframe reception closing in downtown Albuquerque - it was so good to DANCE (even tho I had imposter syndrome at the club cuz when was the last time I was at a club) and celebrate another year of bringing together incredible community organizers and communicators from all across the country. And the hijinks and laughs and deep talks and chicharron tacos. And this chair. @keithbrooks for the photo shoot souvenir and the style affirmation! 💜 #teamreframe

Heeeey this is what loving the work looks like - its year 4 of the ReFrame Mentorship and these are 7 of our 32 alumni scheming and dreaming at our closing convening in Albuquerque. Strategic communications can shift narratives and these are some of the leaders DOIN IT. #teamreframe

Hello Albuquerque #teamreframe

Sometimes toddler sick days are good days. I’ve got a million work things to do but blessed to be able to give myself the day off to take care of Teo. Spending the day painting on scrap wood and building cities with foam packaging with my sickie but still playful little guy is a pretty sweet way to pass a Tuesday #mamalife

Oh hello. Just having some green mango ice cream with bagoong brittle. !!! @meltronica and @cdicecream you are bold - this ish is delish

Proud to have my MFA critical paper published in the new Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies today. It’s about intersectional form in creative nonfiction and the power of marginalized perspectives to erode dominant authoritative truths, drawing on examples from the work of Kazim Ali, Lauret Savoy and Lily Hoang. gratitude to @barriejeanborich. #amwriting #intersectionality. Link in Bio

Chicken marination time. Guava lemongrass ginger chicken for the housewarming BBQ tomorrow

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