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WHY AM I LIKE THIS : a thread :)

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. I took a test. Turned in some missing assignments, and then I mEt ThiS GiRl😱💛 y'all go check out her YouTube>>> @thehannahjae

Orlando fest Part 3. . . .yuhhh

Finally getting around to post Part two of Orlando Fest. -we Really need to do something again bcuz that was the most fun I had had in a long time. -im not tagging ppl y'all know what y'all look like

Orlando fest part 1 (these are from different days) . . In the fourth pic: I probably shouldn't have worn a skirt on a windy day lol oops In the fifth pic: we did the same pose and didn't even realize it until after In the seventh pic: the BEST roommates EVER

Love all my friends.💋🖤❤️

❤️🖤PROM 2k19🖤❤️

Here are some really random ass pictures for earth day. 🌎🏞️⛰️🏕️🌐🗺️🏔️🏝️🏜️🌄🌅 Wow I'm cringy, it's ok tho😂 also I'm not making fun of vegans because I kinda wish I was vegan but like, I love ice cream wayyy to much🤦🏻‍♀️😂 anyways.... 💚💙~~HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!~~💚💙

I didn't go anywhere or do anything but Happy Easter y'all.🐣

Fine arts Festival. Also Juli's last band concert.😭❤️

🖤🌻'Persona' - - - I think my face got chunkier, oh well🐿️ Photocreds: @rubi_barajas3

My dumbass didn't take any pictures at the beach yesterday. Oops. Lol pretend that you're looking at a really cute picture of me at the beach😂

MPA on Thursday was really fun!... I fell over after we took the 3rd picture 😂(I know I forgot to tag ppl, sorrys)

🖤I took the SAT today, and I have Concert Band MPAs tomorrow.🙃I'm one mental breakdown away from ripping my hair out.😊😭

I love my friends 😊❤️ @des.o22 @kesfonger01 @casualjellyfish glad y'all can tolerate my weirdness😂😂 "LaaAcrimosaAaaAAa"🤣

I wanted to get in the pool but the water was cold😔

*late post* I kinda suck at all sports.🖤 @rubi_barajas3 @stephaniebectv @sidsic6

My eyes adored you though I never laid a hand on you My eyes adored you like a million miles away from me You couldn't see how I adored you So close, so close and yet so far🖤 -Frankie Valli

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