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l o v e — 🌹 A few weeks ago, someone asked me what was the key to a longterm relationship. I am not perfect and doesn’t have the answers to everything, obviously. At the moment, I said « communication and love » which is true, right? But the truth is, I think, so much more than that. • It’s so much more than just feelings. It’s commitment. It’s sacrifices. It’s being vulnerable and honest, at any forms. It’s showing your significant other respect by giving them space, too. It’s understanding that yes, after a few years, the fire may burn a little less. But the magic is in the flammes. When your intentions are good and your heart is pure, when you’re on the same page, you already have all the keys. • Our generation is lame, raw, but it’s true. Everyone gets bored so easily. And for some people, too often, it’s easier to quit the problem instead of fixing it, and making efforts. And that is the biggest problem. A few stopped believing in love, because some people are no loyal anymore, while others give up, and they slowly forget that it’s #love that makes the world go round. • We must cherish and take care of our relationships. And that’s my answer to the question above. A relationship is more than just communication and love. #thoughts#poetry#love#relationships

I have a whole universe in my mind // 🍒 #springiscoming #pinkeverything

ready to create memories and immortalizing moments 📸🥰— #amazon#instaxmini9#tomefromme

to all my cat people out there —> ♥️🐆 i get you. i hear you. i understand you. i love you. this obsession is real, i know. #mamachat#lovethem#babies

a date that includes this guy and sugar? you got me — ♥️👋🏻🍦 also, clearly, he’s the impatient one! #chocolatsfavoris #cookiesandcream

à quelques semaines de mes 25 ans, je constate que le plus beau cadeau que l’on peut se faire, c’est s’offrir du temps; ce « luxe » dispendieux mais ô combien nécessaire et indispensable. — ⏱🌹 au rythme effréné dont va la vie, dont le temps file, savourer ces parcelles de moments qui ne reviendront jamais.. c’est ça le vrai bonheur, et c’est avec cet état d’esprit dont j’accueillerai mon quart de siècle. #thoughts

Que Sera, Sera 🍃💛🙏🏻 — don’t rush anything, and let things be. at the end, everything will work out just fine. trust the vibe, and most importantly, trust yourself. you got it! #icedcoldlatte#milkyway#yummy#mood

I never thought I’d be in love like this, when I look at you my mind goes on a trip. ➖💟➖ #appreciationpost#irreplaceable#gimmebabies

« It’s been a year of intense growth. » 💫 — Yesterday, I went to my parent’s house and saw these beautiful flowers on the table. My dad bought these for my mom, just like that. No reasons. And that melted my heart. He always buys us flowers. I remember one day I called him in the morning and told him I was really sick. A few hours later, someone is knocking at my door; he was standing there with a bouquet of roses in his hands. A few weeks ago, he brought me soup & a heater because it was freezing cold in my apartment. It’s the little things. A father is so much more than a parent figure. A father is a leader, a mentor, a loving parent who takes care of his child before anything else. Anyway. Just a appreciation post for the hero of my life, because I love him so much and he’ll always be the person I look up to. And because the world will always need love and appreciation. Have a great saturday. What are you grateful for? #appreciationpost#sharingiscaring#love

#Throwback2014 Turns out, I don’t crave traveling all around the world and visiting lots of different countries, like a lot of people do, or at least, not now. Honestly, I crave the ocean breeze, the waves, the blue water, the landscapes. That’s about it. I want to just relax and calm my stressed out self. Reality is, I am calmer when I am on a sandy beach, than anywhere else. It feels like, to help me stop overthinking, I need to sit my buns somewhere I can’t receive phone calls and just breathe the tropical air. Somewhere I don’t have to anticipate anything, and really be in the moment, while listening to the calming waves; 🌏💧🦋🌅 ———— This picture was taken already 5 years ago, on my very first trip ever. Already five years but it feels like it was yesterday. I can’t wait to free my mind again in a month, and reconnect with all the positive vibes. Mexico will always have a special place in my heart, it really showed me how much love I have for this immensity of water. #2014#freemind#curiousheart#cataloniaroyaltulum

« moi qui n'ai connu toute ma vie que le ciel du nord, j’aimerais débarbouiller ce gris en virant de bord; emmenez-moi au bout de la terre, emmenez-moi au pays des merveilles, il me semble que la misère serait bien moins pénible au soleil. » - #Aznavour 🌞🌻✴️💬 #mood

mon Valentin travaille jusqu’à 21h ce soir, mais de toute façon le self-love & le “ me time ” c’est définitivement quelque chose que je fais au quotidien pour rester focus et qui devrait être en primeur en cette journée des coeurs // 🧖🏻‍♀️💖☕️🤭 un latté en robe de chambre, un film d’horreur sur netflix, jaser au téléphone avec ma bestie girl @lacassemp & manger des pâtes avec un masque dans face... check! #metime#valentinesday#dowhatyoulove

Joyeuse St-Valentin 🌹 — j’oserais dire sans hésiter qu’il fait partie de mes plus belles histoires à raconter. #amour#valentinesday#loveday#tbt

so, here’s a few of my travel essentials! 🐚🦑🌴🛩 — seriously counting the days, lost my motivation somewhere in January, and the only thing that helps me these days is this entire week in paradise in a month & some well deserved vacation! And, the fact that Spring is also coming soon. #travelessentials#snowstorm#winterishard#trip#republican#vamosalaplaya

👫🌴🐚🌸🌊 J43 — parfois c’est difficile de s’arrêter et de s’écouter dans ce rythme de vie où tout va si vite, où tout doit se faire rapidement et maintenant! après quelques années à en parler et à travailler fort, voilà que les choses se concrétisent; une semaine sur le bord de la mer à boire des pîna coladas, admirer les sunsets & célébrer 8 ans avec mon humain préféré. #bucketlist#dominicanrepublic#excited#workhard

// grateful for this rare exotic bird I caught all these years ago & all the laughter and joy he brought into my life ever since 💫🐥🌱 — the 17 years old girl on this picture knew all of this, obviously, and tonight, I am writing it. this spring, we will celebrate our 8 years as a couple and I am mind blown but so so proud! I always knew deep down I would marry this gem one day. our journey wasn’t always perfect, like any other human on earth but it was pretty damn close! we make such a great team, and crave the same things. and the most beautiful thing is that, our story is just getting started! 8 years ain’t nothing when you gotta spend your one and only life having fun with the right person! I hope ya’ll find your person, you’ll win everything. #babies#circa2011#memories#love

mon appartement sans mes deux kitties aurait probablement moins de poils un peu partout, j’aurais certainement pas besoin d’alterner balayeuse & balai tous les jours, de faire le ménage aussi souvent, certes; mais il me manquerait une partie de mon coeur & je ne pourrais bénéficier de cette douceur et attention que me procure mes minis à tous les jours & plus spécialement en ce moment, avec de la fièvre jusqu’au plafond — 🦁🧡 Ozzy to the rescue. #oz#whoreallyrescuedwho

you can’t really care if it’s freezing outside when you’re this cozy, right? ✨🌨☃️ cooking all day while drinking wine with this warmth? not mad about it #cozy#snowstorm#tempete#neige#fireplace

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